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    1. Sorry- I didn't see the replies until now since I...

      Sorry- I didn't see the replies until now since I was out of town. But, I wanted to thank you guys for the info. Broke - I appreciate the expert breakdown of the potential issue. I'll start...
    2. Jetta Reverse Grinding. Need trans expertise!

      Hey guys-

      I've scoured this forum for a solution, but can't find another case exactly like mine I'm hoping you guys can help me tackle this problem. I have a 2001 Jetta (Mk4) Wolfsburg Ed. with...
    3. Hey- I was doing a quick search and found that...

      Hey- I was doing a quick search and found that your Jetta is having the symptoms mine is currently having. I try to shift in reverse and I hear a grinding sound. It's been worsening. Now the 1st...
    4. Re: (DBVeeDB)

      You mentioned in a post above the price was reduced. What are you asking for the wheels now? I live in the Chicago area too. Thanks.

      Modified by vwphenom at 9:02 PM 5-29-2008
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      Re: Sumitomo HTR Z?? Where can I get one? (vwphenom)

      Damn...i guess no where. Any suggestions at the very least? Like what's a good tire to substitute?
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      Sumitomo HTR Z?? Where can I get one?

      Hi All,
      I have a set of 225/45-ZR17 Sumitomo HTR Z tires on my Jetta. Unfortunately, I need to replace one of them and these tires have been discontinued. Now, HTR ZII and ZIII tires exist but the...
    7. Longer Rotor Retaining Screw and Lug Bolts!!??

      A couple of questions for you guys:
      1.) Where can I find longer/extended rotor retaining screws? I recently bought some 16mm spacers for my Jetta IV which have a hole for a rotor retaining...
    8. Longer Disc Brake Retaining Screws for Spacers??!

      Hey guys,
      i just got a set of spacers from BFI. Each spacer has a hole to use the disc/rotor retaining screw and therefore hold the spacer nicely in place. ...
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      Re: (IN-FLT)

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      Re: (bigmak)

      Quote, originally posted by bigmak »

      h&r spacers are made of a proprietary aluminum / magnesium blend for a reason--high strength and light weight.
      i highly suggest you don't make your...
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      Re: Machine Shop Wheel Spacers?! Why not? (IN-FLT)

      Two attributes of a good spacer:
      1.) Proper measurements (e.g. even thickness throughout, lug pattern)
      2.) Good material used (e.g. high-grade aluminum, or anything that would stand the pressure...
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      Machine Shop Wheel Spacers?! Why not?

      Hi All-
      I don't mind laying down a few bucks for my VW if I really feel it's worth it. I bought some wheels that were not made for Jettas and need spacers. I searched through eBay and also saw...
    13. Re: Mille Miglia Action with 50MM Offset!? Double! (VacantSkies88)

      Cool...thanks... what about 10mm in the front and 15mm in the back? I guess this counts as a "staggered" although barely...Would that look considerably better than all 15s? thoughts? thanks!! ...
    14. Mille Miglia Action with 50MM Offset!? Double!

      Sup Guys,
      Yes, another wheel spacer/offset question...
      I recently bought a set of 17x7 Mille Miglia Actions. Problem is they were made for a Subaru Impreza and the offset is 50mm! I need at least...
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      Re: 10mm. 5x100 spacers (Sk8nsnoboarder72)

      Are these spacers hubcentric? pics? Thanks!
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