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      shift issue

      It's an 04 with an 01m.130000m.i just got it so I'm not sure about 5he fluid.
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      auto transmission problem.

      I have an 04 jetty with an auto doesn't seem to shift after the first time when speeding up.does anybody have any insight on what might cause this?
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      fs 16v head with auto tech cams.

      2.0 16v cylinder head with autotech cams.autotech valve springs and titanium valve lifters seals and cam drive train.valves were reseated.$500.00 obo.
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      Is there a website to order from?

      Is there a website to order from?
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      Are these still available?

      Are these still available?
    6. manifold

      the 1.8 stuff fits but the aba is like 5/8" taller.i'm not sure it has any clearence issues.i have never tried it.
    7. manifold

      mk3 or2 with tt special down pipe or an mk1 4 into 2 with a tt special downpipe.i guess you could use the 4 into one used in later us mk1s but it sucks.
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      mk4 short shifter.

      i have a stock audi tt shift weight.identical to mk4 but it reduces front to back throw by20%.$50 +shipping.if you still need it.
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      fs short shift for mk4

      i have a brand new shortshift lever from megan racing and a stock audi tt relay lever i have decided not to use.i would like $50 for the relay lever which reduces throw 20%.paid $80 but i'm keeping...
    10. the adapter just lowers the throttle body so it...

      the adapter just lowers the throttle body so it doesnt hit your hood.alot of people flip the t body upside down and build a diferent throttle cable can also use an mk4 aeg intake that puts...
    11. rubber hose will work but its hard to make it...

      rubber hose will work but its hard to make it look clean and hooking it to the car underneath is a an aba swap you dont need the accumulator.its there to keep pressure on the original cis...
    12. feul injected and diesels have a return.if it was...

      feul injected and diesels have a return.if it was carburated im not sure if it would have a need to add one if you dont.a rubber hose comes out of the bottom of your tank into an electric...
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      wtb.bumper and hood notch filler

      i have a badgeless grill but not the notch wondering if anybody has some to sell.
    14. thats what i have and it seems to work.the very...

      thats what i have and it seems to work.the very first obd2 96 abas had the same evap as the obd1s.the difference is the obd2 was set up to test itsself for leaks.with the early 96 ecu it isnt going...
    15. evap

      get an early 96 ldp no sai.use obd1 evap stuff.
    16. notch

      mine is a 8th of an inch and there is not an inch adjustment in the mounts.i dont know the difference but im obviously not the only one with this issue.
    17. notch

      if your refering to the belt tensioner the notch can be tiny.i did a couple taps with a hammer.its close but it works.
    18. free obd1 ecu with tt chip

      i got an obd1 ecu with tt cheapest chip.i run obd2 and cant bring myself to send it to the scrap yard if someone will use its free if someone wants to pay shipping.
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      shift cable end removal

      how do you remove the ball socket type ends on a 2001 golf 02j tranny?
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      obd2 port

      i know this is an old topic but what do i need to do to scan my car.unplug my stereo?
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