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      Importing Scirrocco to US

      Just contemplating some new business ideas and seems a few of you want Scirrocco's and other non US VW-AG cars as well as parts you didn't really get in the States.

      Been looking around a few...
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      Read through this: ...

      Read through this:
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      Awesome build, you'll be in the 8's in no time!...

      Awesome build, you'll be in the 8's in no time! :thumbup: Glad you didn't sell it.

      Does anyone have any more info on the 9.1 sec mk2? Never seen that vid b4.
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      Nice one, knowledge is for sharing :thumbup:

      Nice one, knowledge is for sharing :thumbup:
    5. Spacer and boost questions

      Just wondering what boost levels guys have hit on what comp spacer plates?

      What are they like off boost too, do they still drive well 'cause of the torquey nature of the beast?

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      Stick a Ford V6 engine in..... like this! ...

      Stick a Ford V6 engine in..... like this!

      Finished article doesn't look too bad actually!

      As for mods.... gold...
    7. If you're running fairly low boost then spacer...

      If you're running fairly low boost then spacer and standard internals should handle it. The very minimum you want to do for peace of mind is use ARP hardware (rod bolts and head studs at least),...
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      Re: What turbo is this (tsiturbomightym)

      Seems like someones just bought a AiResearch/Garrett for a small displacement mootor. Borg-Warner supply VW Group motors and they are known as the KO3/KO3S ( & KO4) turbos on the GTI's.

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      Car Buying Tips

      As I used to own a car trading business I thought i'd post up a few tips on buying a car. I'm in the UK so not sure how much applies to your country but here goes:
      1. The two best ways to buy a car...
    10. Re: 2008 New Saab --> How much discount to expect? (vwgilly)

      You can get huge discounts on decent new cars if you take your time and be quick to react.
      My best one was a 50% discount when I was car trading. It was a new Renault with 13 miles on it, 14,000...
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      This is an old one I used to put through the...

      This is an old one I used to put through the books before the tax rules changed here, self employed rules! V12 and 4mpg, hee hee
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      Re: Modded Mini Coopers (MidnightSpecial)
    13. Is it not miles cheaper to buy over there anyway?...

      Is it not miles cheaper to buy over there anyway? We have so many sh** taxes, everythings so expensive here. Saying that, there are tons of cars going cheap as we're all skint and everyone needs...
    14. Re: Looking to buy 12v VR6 not started for 3 months... made chain/guide noise, but ... (wellssd)

      Hmm, i'd probably walk away. I've had many cars stored up at times, the ones that were a bit noisy on start up tended to get problems not long afterwards. I had a tuned turbo Toyota stored for nearly...
    15. Re: (8vmonster)

      The quickest fwd dub over here does 10.66 @ 132mph with NOS, it is just a little IHI with a 40shot, 440hp crank (ish). Solid rear suspension and drag slicks on then takes em off and drives home ...
    16. Re: FV-QR (16vdisturbance)

      Yup which is why I hope my carbon steel 21 to 26 piece tapered ABF turbo manifolds should be good for big power, they'll be cheap and designed for a purpose (to handle boost). The welds should look...
    17. How quicks your 16vt? And 1047hp Polo 16vt

      Just wondering what times any of you 16vt owners run? There's a 1047HP polo 16vt and I was just wondering whether it truly has as much as it claims? They built a mk2 VR6T that was supposed to have...
    18. Re: FV-QR (speed51133!)

      Haha, an e-kick in the balls, like it. I can understand why people might complain about it not being spot on after a long wait but I wouldn't worry too much about the weld blowing. Even a ****...
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      Re: (nowdubnvr6)

      I'd have a burnt **** from the exhaust pipe
      For the poster of the thread, how much time inside do u reckon you'd get for taking it for...
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      I think the old 250+mph car some of you are...

      I think the old 250+mph car some of you are thinking of is the Callaway Corvette Sledge-hammer, 254.76mph in 1988 (I remember being astounded at the speed difference over the other supercars when it...
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