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    1. kinda agree. WP7 has really grown on me. stuff it...

      kinda agree. WP7 has really grown on me. stuff it doesn't have meh I'm used to now. so yep i likey but the sheep still wants iPhone 5 :banghead:
    2. sat Nav

      ahh yes - gotcha - mid-range it is then :thumb up:
      thanks again :beer:
    3. Sat Nav

      thx boys - top o' the line Tom Tom or Garmin it is :thumb up:
    4. any takers

      62 pages on what watch to buy under $10k and not one idea for a crummy GPS :bang head: :laugh:

      C'mon 'texers you know everything right?

    5. OT - Sat Navigation Units (portable) recommendation please

      Hi gang, please need advice from you know-it-alls out there :D

      I have a Navman MY500XT which has proven to be a first class piece of junk with laggy crap software.

      My Wish List.

    6. SOLD FS MacBook Air 13" 2.13Ghz C2D / 4Gb / 256 SSD

      FS MacBook Air 13" 2.13Ghz C2D / 4Gb / 256 SSD
    7. Replies

      Car Audio

      Tim & Steve,
      Thx for your input.
      Will see either of those you recommend.
      Tim re: sound deadening, the guy from FHrx recommended that as first port of call so seems he spaeketh ye truth.
    8. Replies

      Recommended Audio Fitter in Sydney BUMP


      Any current opinions on who's reputable in Sydney please?

      Don't need a big job done but want someone who knows what they're doing and for it to look stock.

    9. Fs htc 7 mozart

      FS: HTC 7 Mozart.

      perfect condition.

      (locked to telstra but sure that can be sorted)

      had my flirt with WinPhone7 :laugh:

      Offers please email me
    10. S4

      Hi Tim,
      Yep haven't been around much bar the odd lurk ... running the pharmacy + back at Uni full time + another baby on the way so it's fun 'n' games at my place atm . I do remember our discussion...
    11. S4 v A4

      Wes , Matty
      thanks lads
      confirmed what I suspected :thumbup:
    12. B7 S4 ('07 with 45k km) - OR - B8 1.8T Demo ('10)

      2007 B7 S4
      45,000 km
      2yr ext. warranty

      2010 B8 1.8T A4
    13. Replies

      new shoes for the A3

      4 x Conti CSC3's :)
      I'm happy :thumbup:
    14. FS: iPhone 3GS 16Gb black

      FS: iPhone 3GS 16Gb black

      offers please.

      few scratches on case otherwise nuthin rong with it :thumbup:

      email: please

      Ta :)
    15. Retrofit

      Ta Cooni, yep I wanted to retro-fit but Audi wanted many $k (ridiculous) and rather not chop the dash for a random unit. Gonna test some units at Hardly Normal etc for user responsiveness and avoid...
    16. Navigation (SatNav) Units (Portable) - opinions please

      H Gang,

      'texers road-test or own or know practically everything about new-gadget stuff... so:

      I have a Navman MY55T which is rubbish. Navigation is mostly ok but the unit is painfully slow to...
    17. Replies

      OT: Should i buy a 1972 Merc 280S

      Costa yes get it.
      We know you won't pay sticker price ;)
      Pics once it's in your garage :thumbup:
    18. 3GS iOS rollback update

      3GS iOS rollback update

      No luck with rollback from 4.0.2 to 3.1.3 :(

      dunno what's the big deal in allowing people to choose the best solution for their handset :screwy:

      ... unless Jobs...
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      2 textbooks and some colouring in pencils ;)...

      2 textbooks and some colouring in pencils ;) :thumbup:
    20. Replies

      you must be bored tonight. i didn't think you'd...

      you must be bored tonight. i didn't think you'd bite ;)
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