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      Saga Continues, But the End Is Near

      So sometimes the codes tell you exactly what's wrong, but you still manage to fix what ain't broke.

      S1B2 isn't the sensor under the passenger seat; S1B2 on the 3.6L VR6 is inside the engine...
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      So I ended up replacing the PCV pipe that links the valve cover with the air filter housing.

      Very expensive part.

      CEL would NOT clear when using the universal "Clear all Codes" button. It did...
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      Put It Back Together Instead?

      Here's another thought...

      Let them total it and buy back the wreck. Then fix it up and get it back on the road.

      Our TDI was in an accident with a single airbag deployment. The driver of my...
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      Some Love for the 2.5

      My 2013 JSW 2.5 S has only one factory "option" as I ordered it from VW - it's red. (You have to pick a color.)

      It's no longer barebones, as it sports 18 inch Goals instead of steelies and I...
    5. 2003 B5.5 4M CEL on, Probable Temp Sensor

      So my trusty B5.5 4M/5MT Wagon always seems to know when emissions is due.

      Looks like a temp sensor and I'd like to figure out which one (and where it is) before I start working on the car.

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      Now to Get a Vacuum Smoke Test

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      Who'd a Thunk That...

      I never would have suspected that, but that's one of the many reasons we ask for help in the forums...

      The one thing I don't understand about the air leak diagnosis is why the CEL went out for a...
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      O2 Sensor Error Code: B6 4M Wagon

      My wife's Passat presented a CEL and VCDS codes pointed to a bad right rear O2 sensor. I put in an OEM Bosch sensor and the CEL cleared for about twenty miles. I rechecked the sensor and it seems...
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      Poll: AWD Is the Missing Link

      The '09 SEL 2.0T gasser pretty much is a GTI, since it has the same engine. It's a great car.

      The R treatment would be so much the better.
    10. Probably Does Not Support Video

      Best way to check is by pulling the head unit and looking. The trim pries out easily and the unit is held in by four screws (T-25, IIRC). Look at the back for a vacant multi-pin connector. Very...
    11. Lots of Temperatures to Consider

      I echo your experience with the TDI's coolant system. Mine behaves just as you described, although it does take a few minutes to warm up when it's frigid outside. But getting the coolant to 12...
    12. Thread: pano or no?

      by Outrider6

      Don't Miss the Sunroof at All

      The sunroof is prone to leak at the (buried under the headliner) drainage tubes, has a fragile and ineffective retracting shade, and costs about $1200.

      Great view, but it's not really worth the...
    13. A Few Answers

      Mostly these need servicing...

      Transmission: DSGs need an expensive fluid change at 40,000 miles. With manuals, it's a clutch, but YMMV so much that you may sell the car before you need to spend...
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      Don't Panic

      Looks like the antenna's threaded base is still in the root of the shark fin.

      Get the silicone out and get a new factory or aftermarket antenna. After you get a new antenna you'll better...
    15. Gaaser Mit Tiptronic

      There are a few folks with the 2.5 gas JSWs here on the forums who swear by their (non-DSG, but still Tiptronic) automatics. Like the sedan you drove, those JSWs have 6-speed ATs, which I think...
    16. Think About a Gasser Before You Commit

      Over the past four years, I've driven all three JSW variants (TDI, 2.0T, & 2.5) pretty regularly. Each has their advantages.

      For the MK VII, there's a 1.8T gasser and a 2.0 TDI. Both engines are...
    17. Hope I Don't Have to Pull the Door Skin

      If the B6 is just the overgrown MK V that I think it is, the door skin may have to come off to get to the crash sensor. I wish I had more reliable information as to the location of that sensor. IIRC...
    18. Another Idea

      Another long shot is the shark fin roof antenna. If it's loose, it will pass water into the cabin.

      I'm assuming there's no obvious wind noise. Anything that lets air in can let water in.

    19. Leaks

      Definitely check the void that's under the front wiper cover. If the drainage there gets blocked, the channel becomes a bathtub that drains into the cabin through the cabin air filter housing.
    20. 2007 B6 Passat Airbag Warning Light On - 01221 Crash sensor side airbag drivers side (G179)

      Scanning the wife's B6 always brings me something to think about.

      She has an airbag warning light, which I've got to clear to get a safety inspection.

      I'd like to know what part to change and...
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