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    1. Iq 320.25

      I don't suppose by some miracle you still have these or the stealthbox. if so, I'd be interested.
    2. Replies

      Dunno If anyone still needs the info, but this is the new part.
    3. I too have a similar issue...

      I have a similar clunking sound on my recently purchased R32 - but mine tends to be when I go over a speed bump (there are tons of them in my apartment complex) My "clunk" seems to be coming from...
    4. Bluetooth Identification

      Nope - it identifies it as "Volkswagen" The only thing that it won't seem to do is upload my phone book. I dunno if thats cuz I am using an Android, or if it's some setting I am missing - no biggie...
    5. You guys rock!!!

      Thanks yet again! Making my phone search for the car worked! I guess I am used to it being the other way... at least that's how it was in my old ride... Glad I have Bluetooth now... although I do...
    6. Another Newbie Question - How do I know if my R32 has bluetooth installed?

      OK - I know this seems pretty straight forward, but try and cut me some slack - this is my first VeeDub/German Car...

      My 08' R32 has the RNS-510 in it (which from what I can tell is already an...
    7. Thanks Guys! ESP Switch and Shifter Trim Paint Solutions

      Thanks for the work welcome guys. I found a great solution for my scratched up shifter trim - plasti-dip!

      Thanks to the following link for the idea: ...
    8. Freshly Purchased R32 - Questions from a 1st time VW Owner

      OK guys, I am new here, so I hope that someone else hasn't asked. I apologize in advance if someone has, but I have searched, and searched.

      First off, the ESP button in my R 32 isn't working. I...
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