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    1. Sorry for not updating the thread - they are sold

      Sorry for not updating the thread - they are sold
    2. Price of course is O.B.O No reasonable offer...

      Price of course is O.B.O

      No reasonable offer will be turned away.
    3. [SOLD]FS: VW 95-97 PASSAT VR6 5X100MM BBS "Bottle Cap" Wheels, Centre Caps and Tires + Spare Tire - Toronto, GTA

      Anyone interested of picking up a set of original BBS rims from a 95 VR6? I don't have the car for couple of years now, but kept the wheels in the garage (sold the car with 16"s on it..).

      The rims...
    4. Re: So I closed my door today after washing my Passat B4 and... (trixrabite)

      same happened to my driver side mirror too few years ago.
      Checked for new mirror with dealers ($$$$), scrap yard ones were also too expensive. Ended up buying just the mirror glas with a sticker as...
    5. Thread: Tire Size

      by leotdi

      I would recommend 205/55R15 as this size is...

      I would recommend 205/55R15 as this size is closer to original 215/50R15.
      205/50R50 is too low (ride will suffer, plus more chance to ruin the rims)
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      Re: (doubleyewgee)

      CC isn't ugly. Overall very good looking. Saw it in person at Toronto auto show. I love the frontend, kind of hate the rear (this short trunk feels useless with that micro opening). The real deal...
    7. Re: Another Car and Driver article with US VW CEO (AlfaVolksGatti)

      Quote, originally posted by AlfaVolksGatti »

      I think if they did release a diesel Phaeton they should just use the 4.2 litre TDI engine from the Audi A8. Cuts a substantial amount of...
    8. Re: rebadged as a VW the Skoda Superb will replace Passat on the US market (8rings)
      quick google search revealed this pic for Superb2 Doesn't look like the spy photo few posts above. The spy photo screams Phaeton though!
    9. Re: Lets see some Red Passat B6s - preferably wagons and lowered (Herak21les)

      No HID's? You don't like them? IMO with HID's your passat will look even nicer
    10. Re: How hard is it to replace radiator fan on a B4 .. (phar east coast)

      I did mine couple of months ago. I also wanted to save the AC so what I did is I took off the radiator support. Then the radiator can move forward just enough to make room for the radiator fan...
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      Re: (k3v1nc)

      That PC isn't that big at all (it's smaller than the CD-changer for example) -
      Looks like they use those small nano-ITX solutions...
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      Re: (bigpoppapitts)

      have anyone checked this:
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      Re: (JazzGuyy)

      Quote, originally posted by JazzGuyy »

      The Aztek, what a vehicle! The only American car that looks like it was designed by Renault or Peugeot

      what makes you to think so?
    14. WTB: radiator fan motor - Passat B4 VR6 Auto

      As the topic subject says - I'm looking for a replacement radiator fan motor for my 95 VR6 Passat (auto). Anyone (especially in GTA) having one extra?
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      Re: Any Problems Running 18s On Your B3? (purelyvdubz)

      is that for your passat? your signature says '01 1.8T - that's a B5(.5), not a B3.
      18x8 may fit on B5, but on B3/B4 you don't want to put 18"s
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      Re: Whats wrong with my brakes (jrlettau)

      Do the following test - press the brake pedal (with the ignition off) and keep pressing it hard. If the pedal keep beeing hard and does not go slowly to the bottom you have pretty good chance the...
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      Re: 96 GLX Rear Disc ABS question (Beetleguru)

      I managed to move mine over without problems. What I did is to heat them up a bit with propane torch - after this they went off almost without force. 30 bucks will buy a lot of beer...
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      Re: 95 VR6 Passat - fuel pump relay? (vr6todd)

      Thank you very much Tod!
      The sucker is playing me tricks - now after I pulled it off, knocked 2-3 times "kindly" on it, the car started fine
      Thanks again!!...
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      95 VR6 Passat - fuel pump relay?

      Hi guys,
      Could anybody tell me which of the relays on the fuse panel is the fuel pump relay?
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      Re: 2.0T 4Motion Sedans and wagons (topher)

      Didn't he tell you they are coming with TDI as an engine option as well
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