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    1. any one with bag com in calgary/cochrane area?

      does anyone have a vag com in the cochrane/ calgary area that would be willing to read some codes on my car?
      my abs light came on today, and i think its because i had a short in the wires in the...
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      found the problem. the wires were frayed in the...

      found the problem. the wires were frayed in the hose going through the top of the hatch. so i insulated them and its fine now.. but one of the wires was broken so the top light doesn't work. so ill...
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      help with brake lights

      i just got a 2002 golf TDI today (canadian model). when i got it it had no brake lights, the check engine light was on and the glow plug light was flashing. also the ABS light came on.

      so i...
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