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    1. Re: (CTAC2003)

      Quote, originally posted by CTAC2003 »

      i cought the condit larson match but missed the filho fight, any one seen it? how was it?
      i am hoping they will replay it through the week though
    2. Re: UFC 74 Predictions? (SSj4G60)

      Quote, originally posted by SSj4G60 »

      I am easily amused, so yes.

      If you took out the Tapout guys it would be a decent show ...
    3. Re: UFC 74 Predictions? (GrayRayT)

      Quote, originally posted by GrayRayT »

      One person who nobody talks about but I want to see in UFC is Denis Kang. He is an extremely well-rounded welterweight who has both excellent...
    4. Re: UFC 74 Predictions? (Bains)

      Quote, originally posted by Bains »

      I'm gonna say this right now, Shogun is gonna have some bad losses in the UFC. Say what you say about soccer kicks not being necessary, but they are,...
    5. Replies

      Re: (VR6 Jetta 96)

      Well you seem like an active person and sounds like you like the "guy" kinda i would suggest American Bulldogs....or what i have Olde English Bulldogs......check out...
    6. Re: UFC 74 Predictions? (synthsis)

      Well, even though Couture is a GREAT grappler which i think he proved it against Jacare who is one of the best in the world and 43 year old Couture hung with him........i think Ganzaga has a very...
    7. Re: (enthusiastic)

      Sooooooo......any word on Shogun Rua's 1st UFC fight? I heard it was going to be Lyoto Machida? I also read Liddells 1st fight back will be against Shogun!
      Also, any news on Fedor's 1st UFC...
    8. Re: (Bains)

      Quote, originally posted by Bains »

      Not really, I'm gonna say it'll be one of two ways for the cro cop match. If CC stands by his word, and says he's the most dangerous striker, he will...
    9. Re: (clattymine)

      Quote, originally posted by clattymine »

      i love that idea. and i hate that it's not even a possibility.
    10. Re: (clattymine)

      Quote, originally posted by clattymine »

      If marguart can get it to the ground i've got him all day. but silva has been straight punching the **** out of people.... i think silva is...
    11. Re: (dubworld2.0t)

      UFC® 73: STACKEDTicketsHow to WatchFight CardNews-MediaSeating ChartSports BarsFight PollPrint
      Date Time: 07/07/2007 7pm PT/10pm ET
      Event Type: PPV Live
      Location: ARCO Arena, CA

    12. Re: (mpci)

      Quote, originally posted by mpci »

      Hughes gets the next shot at the title. It will be at the end of TUF 6. Hughes & Serra are the coaches & will fight at the finale.

      So, back to...
    13. Re: (cdn20VALVE)

      Quote, originally posted by cdn20VALVE »

      Maynard really doesn't think he was knocked out... what do you guys think... In the post fight interview he seemed pretty pissed that the fight...
    14. Re: (clattymine)

      Quote, originally posted by clattymine »

      maybe not gassed and huffing and puffing ... but he looked spent and exhausted ... i dont know how to explain it ... haha

      Yeah he was in...
    15. Re: (leakypipeDCI)

      Quote, originally posted by leakypipeDCI »

      I don't think he was gassed at all, he looked to be in the best shape of his career.

      I agree.....he said himself he got a strength and...
    16. Re: (clattymine)

      Quote, originally posted by clattymine »

      typical penn ... he was gassed as hell when the fight was done. i would have liked to see it go a bit longer. he did look good when he was...
    17. Re: (leakypipeDCI)

      What about Roger Huerta vs Doug Evans....or Floyd Sword vs Thales Lietes I thought both were better fights than the LW TUF fights. I was real impressed with Doug Evans even though he lost. And...
    18. Re: (synthsis)

      IMHO the IFL is great for new fans in MMA. As a total package you get to see new young fighters in a different setup and rules compared to the UFC.
      The one thing i like about the IFL is the team...
    19. Re: (leakypipeDCI)

      Zuffa bought WEC before they bought Pride FC. They also bought out WFA which is how they picked up Rampage and Heath Hearing and i think Lyota Machida.......who i still want to see fight LIVE soon...
    20. Re: (sej683s)

      Quote, originally posted by sej683s »

      he just needs to get his swager back. he's still young and can be explosive. i think there is a good chance he becomes a serious contender again.
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