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    1. I'm glad to hear that it's not just me

      The audio system in my wife's 2013 Tiguan SEL just sounds terrible to me, though it's in the most expensive car I've ever purchased. Treble sounds in the vocal range are exaggerated and harsh. It's...
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      And how about the opposite kit?

      I've always thought that a slightly lowered Tiguan would be just right.
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      No place for the p!!s bottle?

      I'd carry a gallon jug of urea lashed down the trunk, if it meant I could have TDI in a Sportswagen Alltrack.
    4. And I might want your seats...

      If you ever make that swap, heartbeats, I'd be interested in your set of beige cloth (heated)seats for the '03 Jetta IDI wagon I'm redoing. I'm in Denver,, which is closer to you than Philly, and I...
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      It's a great tow car

      My experience is this: one tow trip, 60 miles away and 5,000 feet of elevation gain, with a one-ton travel trailer. It's a fiberglass 16-foot Scamp trailer that looks like a big white egg. The Scamp...
    6. Top Gear towing torture test trashes trailer, but Tiguan triumphs

      Am I the first to take note of the Tiguan's starring role in Top Gear's latest caravanning odyssey? They despise the car, of course, like all crossovers, but it puts in a pretty radical performance....
    7. Stiffer than thou...

      Our '13 SEL has the stiffest suspension I've ever experienced, and I've owned four GTIs, including my current MkV! I'll never forget driving my teen home from having her wisdom teeth removed, as the...
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      I only wish my Tiguan would someday have a DPF...

      I only wish my Tiguan would someday have a DPF problem, like you fear. That would mean it was a diesel, which we can't get here in the USA. Otherwise, I can report that our '13 SEL has been...
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      You need winter tires

      No, the OEM Scorpions aren't sticky enough on snow. Several times last winter, I saw the street I meant to turn right onto pass by my side window. Expect plenty of understeer and barely a bit of...
    10. Good idea!

      I've covered over my warnings with (almost) matching vinyl tape.

      I wonder if anyone's ever researched the driver distraction factor of having bold yellow-and-blue warnings permanently posted...
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      NO, they'd' be just right

      Because Tiguan seats are too high!
    12. As a last word, I'll say that the hitch equipment...

      As a last word, I'll say that the hitch equipment supplied with Tiguan is very poorly documented. The dealer's build list didn't indicate anything about pre-wiring or control modules, nor did the...
    13. -- When I search, I find every answer: guesses,...

      -- When I search, I find every answer: guesses, speculations, good ideas and bad. I could spend an hour sorting it out, and still be surprised when I get to the shop. So why did I even ask, I wonder...
    14. Last night I was reading another forum for mkVs...

      Last night I was reading another forum for mkVs and why they didn't like Vortex anymore. The only answer you get here, they said, was "Search." I'm sure that all questions have been answered here...
    15. You gotta love the Vortex...

      Turns out it was a stupid question-- the Tiguan doesn't come with a trailer plug. That has to be added at the dealer or the aftermarket. My car's at an independent hitch shop right now having that...
    16. Stupid question about the trailer hitch wiring

      Somebody might save me a trip to the dealership tomorrow if they can answer a simple question-- how do you deploy the trailer wiring plug for use? My '13 Tig is equipped with the factory hitch. I can...
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      Since you asked-- -- The TSI motors are very...

      Since you asked--

      -- The TSI motors are very reliable, says my trusted mechanic (the one who warned me not to buy that B6 AR).
      -- My Tig has similar interior volume, but a footprint that's...
    18. There's one more option to consider

      It's a little-known fact that a few years back, a small number of Jetta Sportwagens came with the 2.0T engine. I think that would be my choice, if you don't mind a used car. I own this engine in two...
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      How do you get in and out, in that tight garage?...

      How do you get in and out, in that tight garage? Through the sunroof?
    20. Trade: My 18" wheels for your 17"s?

      Greetings, all. I just picked up my first GTI in 25 years, an '09 MkV. It's a little bundle of joy, but I'm not digging the standard 18-inch Detroit wheels. Didn't like that battleax/Maltese cross...
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