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    3. sent you a pm.

      sent you a pm.
    4. sold.

    5. fs: mk4 BEW PD stage 1 chipped ecu, egr delete, immo delete, dynamic idle, $250

      mk4 bew pd stage 1 flashed ecu.
      egr delete.
      dynamic idle.
      immo delete. plug and play.
      currently coded to 5spd tip but will also recode to 5spd manual.

      $250 shipped.
    6. fs: pair of 028906021JB mk3 ahu tdi stage 1 chips, $150/shipped

      preflashed pair of mk3 ahu 028906021JB chips.
      stage 1 file with egr delete and dynamic idle.

      $150 shipped.
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    11. FS: Wood Center Console Trim + Cage, $50 shipped?

      mk4 wood trim center console surround, ect.
      what you see is what you get.
      the cage has damage to the clips that hold the wood trim but could easily be epoxy'd where required.
      picked it up at the...
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      FS: MK4 Raceland Ultimos, $250/shipped

      mk4 raceland ultimos. 20k-ish miles.
      $250 shipped.
    13. $250.

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    18. plcc44 and dip28.

      plcc44 and dip28.
    19. mk3 is chip only. i burn mk3 chips myself. i did...

      mk3 is chip only. i burn mk3 chips myself. i did a LOT of testing on that mk3 chip concerning emission deletes.
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