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    1. the cost of it all

      I bought a duj transmission which had been rebuilt in Holland and shipped to the US with axles, proper mounts, shifter rod/cables and some other goodies. That all cost somewhere just under $2400. ...
    2. I'd prefer to keep the engines together since...

      I'd prefer to keep the engines together since they are all runners. Thanks anyway.
    3. 93 Eurovan & 1 extra 5 speed & 2 engines - Stafford, Va

      I have a good running 93 ev with 5 speed tranny that I drove up from Atlanta whose drivetrain will be getting yanked out and replaced by a tdi and correctly geared duj diesel 5 speed tranny. I also...
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      Anyone have the pics that were deleted ?

      I bought one of these tools about 10 years ago, but pieces are all over the shop. Anyone have copies of the op's pics ? Thanks.
    5. Vw/Volvo D24 Inj Pump w/lines & Mount $150

      I'm cleaning out part of my accumulation of stuff and found this long ago forgotten about pump I removed about 20 years ago from a d24 six cylinder diesel. I saved it since I figured I would run...
    6. I'll take it.

      I'll take it.
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      Where are you located ?

      Where are you located ?
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      Seat swivels ?

      Shipping to 22556, thanks.
    9. this might be a record

      A post from 2007 still getting questions. Cowabunga
    10. 96 gray passat in the Stafford Va pickapart boneyard row 47

      This car is much better then my daily driver. Perfect sheet metal, everything, blu'ish interior in very good shape. Shame to let it get squished.
    11. so who was rear ended in a silver jetta ?

      get your mind out of the gutter
    12. New day, but still looking.

      New day, but still looking.
    13. wtb: 02 Jetta reflex silver hood, rt frnt fender, bumper cover Virginia

      Anyone in Northern Virginia/Maryland have a parts car ? Looking for reasonably clean reflex silver sheet metal. Thanks.
    14. Still looking for a lower mileage egr tranny. ...

      Still looking for a lower mileage egr tranny. Thanks.
    15. wtb: egr 02j 5speed tranny near Virginia

      Looking to replace a higher mileage unit. Please state your condition and price. Thanks.
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      New York has 54,556 square miles in it, care to...

      New York has 54,556 square miles in it, care to narrow it down to at least a few hundred ?
    17. Sorry, typical b4, non abs.

      Sorry, typical b4, non abs.
    18. b4 sedan, rare Blurple color, sheet metal panels for sale, Virginia

      A few years ago a friend of mine sold her near immaculate tdi b4 to another tdi afcionado, and sadly, that b4 met its match a few weeks ago against a larger vehicle. The sedan is t-boned hard on the...
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      still here, but going on Thursday

      freebie sheet metal if anyone needs good stuff
    20. Thanks for looking.

      Thanks for looking.
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