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    1. For Sale : HGP Golf 4 R32 Turbo BFH 495HP ECU


      i am selling an ecu : HGP Golf 4 R32 Turbo BFH 495HP ME7.1.1
      HGP works with HPA together as you should know so this is quality...
      this is for single turbo for equal turbos such as R35 ...
    2. Audi RS4 B5 Engine ECU ABT Tuned for SALE


      im selling an Audi RS4 B5 Engine ECU and its tuned by german tuner ABT!

      if interested please contact me shipping from germany.

      8D0 907 551 K
      0 261 207 001
    3. hi

      i need this turbo too ... and a manifolf or my r32 .... any ideas??
    4. Replies


      so ... what was the software problem?!?!
    5. thanks

      hey guys :) totally forgot to log into the forum and see what happened... so many offtopics :D

      the rai motorsport manifold doesnt interest me its not usefull to me...but ok maybe it does the job....
    6. Audi S3 8L with MK4 R32 Engine Turbo Manifold what do you think?


      i am from germany and as the title says i have an mk4 r32 engine in my s3 8l

      im converting the car to turbo and i am searching for a good manifold.
      the turbo will be an garret...
    7. hi

      i think thats the same problem like i was talking about in the earlier thread before...
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      what you know about the haldex problems


      i am from car is an audi s3 8l year 2000 with golf mk4 r32 engine swap.

      after i was finished with all my modifications i had the issue...
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