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    1. First Tank Fuel Economy-TDI Auto 06 Jetta

      39.6mpg, 80% rural highway (not interstate). Dealer must have short filled the delivery tank, as we only got around 30mph.
      I know a manual is the way to go for mileage, but we had to get what we...
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      Re: Official Black Jetta Color Thread (BRM10984)

      06' TDI and tinted windows.
      Sorry for the dirt, just got the windows tinted, and the shop is on a dirt road.
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      Re: DavidFarmerRacing announcement (.:RDriver)

      first car wash in a year. Surprised (more) of the paint didn't wash off.
      Hopefully Jimmy will get some REAL photos at Mid Ohio, before it blows up or crashes, that is....
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      DavidFarmerRacing announcement

      Well, first let me say, that I'm still broke, and have no aspirations of being very competitive. I've run the new car a total of 2 test days and 2 NASA races, and it is FAR from being dialed in....
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      Re: new David Farmer Racing website (F1_Fan)

      built the site using Yahoo Site builder in about 2 hrs, so I'll be making improvements in the coming weeks. My goal was to get content (including videos) first, then clean things up a little. I...
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      new David Farmer Racing website
      I'm looking for funding for next year, and am launching my new site. It may still have some typos etc, but please check it out.
      I have installed some in-car...
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      Re: Quick Sebring tip...... but hurry! (16v)

      No Sebring for me. Me sad!
      Dave Farmer
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      Re: SPEED GT all messed up (16v)

      Well, at least the fog is lifting and I see why SCCA has been so eager to help them out. I can see clearly now, the rain is gone.
      I can see the Escalade safety car with those big chromie-spinning...
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      SPEED GT all messed up

      Not only did it drive me so insane that I've sold my car, SCCA has sold out so much that it has made Cadillac the official car of the series. They had already given them everything but the kitchen...
    10. Re: Farmer World Challenge on EBAY-FOR SALE-NO RESERVE (Sima)

      ttt, cant find any funding, and the series doesn't seem to care about us little guys.
      2 more days to bid! Spread the word!
    11. Farmer World Challenge on EBAY-FOR SALE-NO RESERVE

      Here it is, 3 years of BLOOD, SWEAT, and TEARS! Car is 95% assembled with fresh engine, new carbon bodywork, and lots of upgrades.
      NO RESERVE, but bid high anyway! Car is still VERY VERY fast,...
    12. SPEED GT Corvette and Toterhome FOR SALE!

      2003 16-ft Renegade Toter for sale, $130k new, asking $99k. 430HP cat, 10 speed Auto, makes 3 beds, full bath, kitchen, TV/DVD/VCR/Tracking Satellite.
      2001 World Challenge Corvette, 530HP Katech, 2...
    13. Re: Farmer World Challenge paint job-help me decided (davidfarmer)
      Here it is, more or less. The inset colors show the actual blue and yellow I plan on using. The small yellow square is "millenium" yellow,...
    14. Cheap SALE David Farmer/World Challenge T-shirts

      Many have small stains, but should easily wash out with a little "shout". These are the last of them, and I'm trying to clean out the trailer. Email me to reserve one. I would prefer paypal...
    15. Re: Farmer World Challenge paint job-help me decided (87sccaGTI)

      Just to follow up, I am pretty sure I'm going with this design, but with a more "yellow" orange, and a slightly less "purple" blue.
    16. Re: Farmer World Challenge paint job-help me decided (16v)
      this seems to be the favorite.
      I suggest contacint Tom Oates regarding the tiger stripe idea. I don't think they're hiring drivers yet!
    17. Farmer World Challenge paint job-help me decided
      If you don't want to join the corvette forum, just leave me some feedback here.
    18. Re: World Challenge In-Car from Rd Atlanta (glxdriver)

      It really wasnt that bad. He went mostly under my rear frame, so the forward jolt wasn't as bad as one might expect. However, he pushed my inner bodywork into the tire, totally ruining the race for...
    19. Re: World Challenge In-Car from Rd Atlanta (16v)

      At first, I thought I had a flat tire. I really think more in terms of steering effort than actual turning, so my brain assumed that the wheel turned, although it wasn't. Once I realized what was...
    20. World Challenge In-Car from Rd Atlanta
      Power steering goes out coming down the hill at the end of lap 1. I back off, letting Stuck by before his throttle breaks. I slowly get back up to...
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