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      WTB: OEM B5 S4 Front Right Axle

      Hey guys,

      As the title states, I need a front right axle for my 6spd manual S4. OEM ONLY.
      I don't care if it's used as long as it's in good condition.
      Thanks! :thumbup:

    2. FS: full set of 17in Zender Challenge wheels

      Hey everyone,

      I have a full set of 17in Zender Challenge wheels for sale. They have no tires, and are in decent shape.
      I don't have any photos right now.

      Asking 200 + shipping OBO.

    3. Bump. They're just chillin...:thumbup:

      Bump. They're just chillin...:thumbup:
    4. Got your PM, dude :thumbup: You could hook your...

      Got your PM, dude :thumbup: You could hook your car up, man! This thing has a lot of good stuff, and I'm flexible on prices!!!
    5. Anyone who's interested, please contact me!!! I...

      Anyone who's interested, please contact me!!! I am flexible on prices!! :thumbup:
    6. :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: I really...


      I really appreciate it, man! If there is anyway to save this thing from the junk yard, that would be really awesome. Also, it's a '93, which is even more rare!!
    7. FS: MkIII GTI VR6 in-op title needs to go

      Hey guys,

      I have another thread on here for parting my MkIII GTI VR6, but I thought I'd throw this offer out there. It kills me to junk such a great GTI. My commander is not going to sign to...
    8. Hey man, Thanks for the condolences :beer: It...

      Hey man,

      Thanks for the condolences :beer: It sucks, but I think this is the best route. Again, I have to figure out how exactly I will go about it, but I believe that I can go to the junk yard...
    9. MkIII GTI VR6 part-out!!! stuff needs to go

      Hey guys,

      Some of you may know my black MkIII VR6 GTI on Vilseck. As much as it pains me, I have decided that the fastest/easiest route is going to be parting her :( I don't want to, but pov...
    10. :thumbup:

    11. WTB: Stock B5 S4 front seats with grey alcantara middle

      Hey guys,

      As the title says, I am looking for some stock B5 S4 black leather front seats with the grey alcantara in the middle. They must be in very good shape with no tears, holes, etc.
    12. No one?

      No one?
    13. FS: 19in BBS RS GT FACES for sale with bolts

      Hey guys,

      As the title says, I have a set of 19in BBS RS GT wheel faces for sale. I do not have the barrels, but I do have the bolts that were taken out when the wheels went to get refinished....
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      Where can I purchase wheel spacers?

      Hey guys,

      Does anyone know of somewhere relatively close (preferably very close) to Vilseck that I can pick up some wheel spacers? I need some....I don't know...probably 15-20mm 5x112...
    15. Replies

      WTB: MkIV R32 front seats

      Hey guys,

      Looking at picking up some MkIV R32 seats. I don't know if anyone has a nice pair out there, or know where to get some, but anyone with info or seats for sale, let me know! :thumbup:
    16. FS: MKIII GTI VR6 Euro Spec/possible part-out

      Hey guys,

      So I thought I had a buyer for my GTI for several weeks, which ended up falling through. Not really surprising. Nonetheless, I am putting up my GTI for sale again, as she really,...
    17. What resistor to turn off airbag light on B5 S4?

      Hey guys,

      I have a set of aftermarket seats in my B5 S4, which means the air bag dummy light is always on. I have to get that light off in order to pass inspection, so my plan was to use a...
    18. Hey, what ohm and watt are you using for the...

      Hey, what ohm and watt are you using for the front seat air bag light? I have a 2000 S4 with aftermarket front seats and need to turn off the air bag light to pass inspection.
    19. Will do; thanks man!

      Will do; thanks man!
    20. Anyone know where I can get resistors?

      Hey guys,

      I need a couple resistors for my S4 front seat air bag connections, because I have aftermarket seats. Does anyone know where I can buy some? I am located in Vilseck, so the closer...
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