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    1. Stock 24V exhaust suddenly making louder noise... what is it?

      I bought my 24v GTI new back in October 2002. Car is in excellent condition ("babied" and garaged), as I only have about 66,000 miles on it (drive locally maybe a few miles per day). Just the other...
    2. I never cease to be amazed! The service tech...

      I never cease to be amazed! The service tech called me today, and told me they found some kind of MOLD growing inside the heater exchange (heater area?), and they are going to attempt some kind of...
    3. I appreciate the responses. The VW...

      I appreciate the responses.

      The VW dealership service tech tried installing a new air filter, but they still smell the burning scent. They told me they need to keep the car another day, and go...
    4. Burning smell inside my 24v VR6, mostly when the AC or heater is on! What could it be?

      I've had a slight to medium (quite noticeable) burning type smell inside the cabin of my 2003 GTI, especially when I turn the AC or heater on. I've driven with this about 2 days now, since I have...
    5. Thread: Lowest mileage?

      by CQ DX

      Lowest mileage?

      My 24V GTI turns exactly 10 years old this Monday! Original owner, and 56K on the clock! As a telecommuter, i've never had to drive it to work. Only used locally. Garaged and waxed a few times a...
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      I had the same problem on my same year car as...

      I had the same problem on my same year car as yours. Dealership replaced 2 fans. Cost was several hundred dollars.
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      Is the 24V VR6 GTI rare?

      Some guy down at my VW dealership told me that it is rare, and not that many were sold in the U.S. How can I find out sales numbers of particular VW models?
    8. What could cause a vehicle to lose a reservoir full of coolant PER DAY??

      The wife has a 2007 Grand Cherokee SUV (8 cyl) that lately has been losing coolant to the tune of about a reservoir full amount per day. In just a few hours of driving she goes from having a full...
    9. Engine cooling fan(s) failure... anyone else? Or could this be a misdiagnosis?

      I was told today (dealership) that my engine fan(s) need to be replaced. Apparently, there are at least 2 fans (you can't just replace one?), and parts and labor are about $900!

      My issues all...
    10. HELP: New Eagle GT tires going flat on my 'Monte Carlo' OEM rims on my '03 GTI! Compatibility issues?

      I recently purchased a set of new Eagle GT tires for my '03 VR6 GTI, and I had to bring my car back twice so far due to 2 of the tires leaking a good amount of air! Just yesterday, one of my rear...
    11. Anyone please?!

      Any detriment to buying Goodyear Eagle GT tires that are 'Made In Chile'? The tire salesman told me that his Falkens say 'Made In Guatemala' on them!!!
    12. Should 'front heavy' VR6 GTI have different tire pressures in front tires as opposed to back?

      Just got some Goodyear Eagle GT performance all season tires installed professionally, and the front ones look almost 'half flat' compared to the rear ones, due to the heavier front weight of the car...
    13. GOODYEAR 'Eagle GT' tires made in Chile, not USA ??!!

      I recently bought a set of Eagle GT high performance all season tires for my Mk4 VR6 GTI, and noticed it says 'Made In Chile' on the sidewalls. I always thought that Goodyear tires for sale in the...
    14. Why don't they release a GTI-R rather than a Golf-R?

      The GTI has a sportier legacy than a 'mere Golf', no? If they can come out with a GTI '332' or GTI '20th AE' (as they did years ago), why couldn't an uber GTI for these times be given a 'GTI-R'...
    15. Not the fuses. What else could this be?

      I checked the light fuses, and they seem fine. The low beams don't work at all, but the high beams do. What could the problem be? VW wants $100 just to LOOK at the lights/electrical system!
    16. Anyone??

      Still wondering where the fuse box is, and what # fuses correspond to the low beam headlights? Thank you.
    17. Where is fuse box, and what # for low beam headlights/daytime running lights for 24V VR6?

      Hello everyone. The low beam headlights (regular lights, not high beam; the high beams work) on my 2003 24V VR6 GTI stopped working. I lost my owner's manual and would like to know where the fuse...
    18. When should spark plugs be changed with this engine?

      I have a garaged 2003 24V VR6 GTI that I 'baby', with only 43K miles on it (am original owner- got car in November 2002). It is my daily driver, but I don't get out much due to being a full-time...
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      Once you go TUBES (advice to the NEWBS)...

      I love iPODS, MP3 players and their portability, etc, BUT when it comes to SERIOUS music listening where detail and timbral accuracy is desired, there is nothing like a high-end setup (or a great...
    20. Need HELP: low beams (regular lights) don't work, but high beams do?!

      I have an '03 24V VR6 GTI, and I just noticed the low beams (regular headlights) don't work, but the high beams do! Brake lights, parking lights, turn signals, etc. work. What could be the problem?...
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