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      Need Help: Corrado VRT overboosting

      Hey everyone,

      I am having an issue with over boost on my VRT. I have put a 5lb spring in my wastegate, yet it still boosts well beyond that. I'm trying to get it to hold around 12psi. I do...
    2. He said they scanned it but didn't get any codes,...

      He said they scanned it but didn't get any codes, so he said they are gonna take it to VW.
    3. 2012 CC R with 5 dummy lights on....sensor problem??

      I'm looking at purchasing a 2012 CC R with 59k that I recently found and test drove. The car is in FANTASTIC condition inside and out. 1 previous owner and was a lease car. Car was always down in...
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    8. FS: Full set of 17in 5x100 Zender Challenge wheels

      As the title says, I am selling a full set of 17in Zender Challenge wheels. These are pretty rare, as they aren't made anymore. They are 17x7.5 ET35, 5x100.
      They are in good shape, with no bends or...
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      Using the logic of high mileage = worth less,...

      Using the logic of high mileage = worth less, does that mean a Corrado with 70k miles and in poor condition is worth more than this car? Not hardly. I'd rather buy a car with higher milage that's...
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    17. Located in Columbus, GA.

      Located in Columbus, GA.
    18. FS: B5 S4 rear leather seats with alcantera

      As the title states, I am selling rear seats from a B5 S4. The only imperfection is that the the two pieces don't match 100%. They are close but not perfect. Both pieces are black leather, but the...
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    20. FS: Gloss Black Speedster Travel Guitar with travel case

      For sale, a gloss black Speedster Travel guitar with travel case, in excellent condition.
      Feel free to PM me with any questions or for pictures.
      Asking $300 plus any shipping. Guitar is...
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