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      black leather vr6 front seats

      hey vortex, I am a b5er and I was running these mk4 leather seats up front in my car on slightly modded runners, but I ended up going w s4 seats so im selling these and since im mobbing I am selling...
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      interested!! any pics

      hey I am very interested, can I get some pics?
    3. re ecu

      ill do $325 right now if he doesn't...i already had a revo stage 1 a few years back and liked it, just need this to give my new kid hauler wagon some power since my car has balls!!! haha!!! so its ...
    4. is it sold?

      im interested if its still for sale
    5. revo ecu

      hey would you take $300 shipped for the ecu? i need a stage1 for my new Passat wagon family cruiser. i have big turbo ecu in my daily aeb
    6. sale closed keeping the car

      got offered a low mile aeb for cheap, so swapping it in and going bigger turbo
    7. REVO stage 1 aeb ecu and other aeb/b5 performance parts

      hey im parting my b5 passat manual, and need to sell some stuff to get $ to get another car. heres some of the stuff i have. i cant get pics to post on here, but if you pm me your email address or...
    8. Thread: stage 2 AEB ecu

      by turb5o

      stage 2 AEB ecu

      hey vortex. i have a stage 2 ecu i have been using as my personal ecu for a few years now w both a standard ko3 and a ko4-015 w stock injectors and maf. it works great. i was seeing 18-20 psi on ko3,...
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      ok thanks, but i think im going to pass. i found a local guy selling b5 and b6 fobs for $25 w blank keys, so im just going to grab a full one off him. mine is oldand worn out so ill get a newer one...
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      would you do $15 shipped? and also any leads on who does decent priced cuttings? i have a fob, but the key is broken off half way up from it falling out of my buddies hand on a cold day
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      want your water meth kit.

      i am seriously interested in your kit, i just would like a few pics, and also to know that it is an exact fit kit for the b5. if it is i have the $ right now...just let me know, you can pm me if you...
    12. ecu

      i have a revo stage 1 93 octane tuned ecu for a 98, aeb motor. i know that not much changed between the 98 and 2000 motors, i will check the part # tomrw if youd like me to. this is a professioanly...
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      chipped awm ecu

      go to the classifieds on is one for sale right now over there...hope this helps
    14. sorry i had leg surgery and havent checked back ina while

      im in western mass, springfield area
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      would this bolt up to the longitudinal 1.8ts?

      i have a b5 and i was going to install the brand new frankenturbo f4 i have in my garage, but i havealready been running a borg ko4 and want more power than the f4. i will def buy this off you in...
    16. harness

      whats the price on just the harness? i already am running stage 2+ aeb ecu custom map, and have bt in garage waiting for install time, but might want the icm less harness, i ws just going to make one...
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      exhaust manifold

      hey this is exactly what im looking for if its a mani for stock turbos. i have a ko4 hybrid ive been waiting to install till i find a hig flow mani so id be on this right away if its the pone i need,...
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      i know the turbo sold, but i was wondering if you were running it w a highflow exhaust manifold w it? i am installing a hybrid ko4 on my b5 and i wanted to add a high flow exhaust manifold while im...
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      i have a low mile cat thats in real nice shape, but i live in mass. if you want it i can ship it, but its a little heavy. let me know if youre even interested in it, and then ill set up a price w you...
    20. spam...bull****

      thisadd even shows up on my local clist. and just look at the dude having a conversation w himself about **** thats not even related to his post, wtf!!!. shut this add down, this isnt even a pic of...
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