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    1. Installed yesterday - super nice! Also waiting...

      Installed yesterday - super nice! Also waiting for stage 2! Downpipes waiting.
    2. Exhaust

      Thanks for info . I'm going to work with Armytrix on developing their S3 exhaust - car arrives at port of san Diego today!
    3. Tires for S3

      got my Bridgestone RE11's at Costco - $956 for set of 4 245/35-19's better than Discount or Tire Rack price.
    4. Parts search

      Decided on wheels & tires for my S3 - Vorsteiner V-FF103's in gunmetal (19x8.5) with RE11's 245/35-19. Car at SEMA was on 20's with spacers. Super sport springs on 19's should be fine here in Las...
    5. 2015 S3 arrival in Dec - parts purchase and search begins

      My 2015 S3 - Misano Red with red/blk interior, mag ride is set to arrive in about 30 days - ordered the H&R super sport springs and H&R sways yesterday. Am familiar with this set up since I used it...
    6. Thread: S3 progress

      by DesertTTRS

      S5 to S3

      Went from RS4 to S4 to TTRS to S5 to S3 - S5 too heavy and less fun to drive than any of my previous cars. Nice touring car but the least nimble and less road feedback than any other of my cars....
    7. Thread: S3 progress

      by DesertTTRS

      S3 progress

      My Misano S3 hit Port of Emden today and should ship in a few days. Scheduled for arrival san Diego on /about Dec 5th. My 2014 S5 will be for sale in Jan.
    8. Insurance

      This is typical! Insurance companies typically give you a low rate for 2-3 years and then slam you for a 40% increase. They usually give some bull**** reason like credit score changed etc. Reality is...
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      Build week

      Build week 10/27/14 - week 44/2014. Ordered 9/9 - Prestige/19" wheel and tire w/ MAGRIDE
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      Got my S3 VIN yesterday

      On way to port in Germany - expect it to be a Christmas present to myself. Appropriate for Misano Red Pearl car!
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      S3 Daytona package

      Have 2 available and can send copy of MSRP to anyone interested .Cars are at port
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      A3 prestige

      Just had a cancelation on blk/blk A3 prestige - not to far for you
    13. audi steering

      Just a heads up - wait and drive the new A3/S3 -" numb steering" will no longer be associated with Audi's.
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      usually within 7-10 days after dealer reports car...

      usually within 7-10 days after dealer reports car sold(RDR - retail delivery report)
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      What would you do if the mixup was for a lesser tire?

      chances are you'd be there screaming for the tires you paid for - man up and do the right thing! Chances are they'll let you keep them but give them the option.
    16. GIAC upgraded flash to eliminate error code

    17. downpipe

      running Scorpion turbo back with 100cell hi flow cat - GIAC software eliminates any check engine lights - w/o software ran a spacer and still got occasional check engine
    18. Looking for set of stock TT RS brake pads - any condition

      Dealer has my new brake rotor sand calipers in - I just moved back to Las Vegas and can't get back in my house until October. All my stuff is in storage and I need to turn in the stock parts when the...
    19. Sell Audi's - drive Audi

      Currently TT RS, next up S3 sedan or RS3 sedan if available in US - everyone in my family drives Audi - customers do notice and frequently ask what salesmen drive!!
    20. ViseeO Tune Air 1000 - off ebay or Amazon

      been using it for 6 months to stream Pandora - so good I canceled Sirius - way better sound quality.
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