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    1. Re: So my FR-S got hit by a Toyota employee...well at least they gave me a way faster loaner car.

      I wish you goodluck.

      cause your gonna need all the luck you can get for that door to match the rest of the body!
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      Re: Autoblog First Drive: 2015 Volkswagen Golf TSI

      Happy to see the base golf will come with alloys. Always thought that was a very stupid move on vw to only offer hubcaps on the mk6 golf.
    3. Re: Manufacturer warranties and suspension mods

      But theirs still a big chance that it could?
      Over the years ive only heard horror stories with suspension set ups on brand new cars. Both lowered and raised. They all ended with the dealer saying...
    4. Manufacturer warranties and suspension mods

      So, got a question for you guys.
      At school, work, places i visit alot. From time to time ill notice a car bought new, then in a few weeks, its slammed with new suspension and rims.

      Its been...
    5. Re: $60,000 Kia K900 made for "confident individualists" says VP

      I recently went on to look at rio prices for my parents who are interested in getting one. While on the site I had to do a double take when i saw the k900 for 60k.

      I can kinda see the...
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      Re: I Have In My Possession :: Mk7 GTI

      In the rear cargo room any different? Have you driven it op? Hows it feel? Do you know what stock rims its coming with or those horrible blade looking/denver ones? Oh yeah, hows the dash? Is it soft?...
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      Re: Why Are California Roads so Badly Paved?

      Has so cal ever had good roads?

      I just started working in LA county near compton.
      Manville st. I kid you not, Potholes 2-3+ feet wide atleast a foot deep, everywhere, theirs a RR crossing on...
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      Re: VW.. why you no give us nice cars??

      I just dont understand, how everyone in the auto industry has grown, now pretty much every auto maker here has a great line up to choose from, but vw.
      I heard about kia's plan to "modernize" their...
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      Re: What Cars Take An Act of God to Hit 100k Miles?

      Cadillac Catera
    10. Re: 2014 Volkswagen Polo facelift revealed with new and updated three-cylinder engines

      Even with the more agressive frontend and nice rims/exhaust note. It still looks like some car a girl in college would drive. Ive driven it, its whole lot of fun, but man, it doesnt look like it...
    11. Re: 2014 Volkswagen Polo facelift revealed with new and updated three-cylinder engines

      Just cause someone likes a car doesnt mean they need to buy it. I would really like to see this here in the U.S. Instead we have hatches that look like robot turds with bumper to a-pillar headlights....
    12. Re: My GF ad I split after 2 years...Show me cars with 2
      Mustang 2
    13. Re: 15 years driving Porsches / 13 years on Vortex / 4 years daily driver Boxster... my report.

      Thanks for the response obin! Hopefully one day ill own a porsche...!!
    14. Re: 15 years driving Porsches / 13 years on Vortex / 4 years daily driver Boxster... my report.

      How about more indepth info other than the obvious fun to drive stuff. Like, have any of your porsches left you stranded? How much has maintance been? Is going to the porsche dealer nice? Or a pain?
    15. Thread: bought a dart

      by czykvw

      Re: bought a dart

      Could you go into a little more detail about the fubar suspension? What exactly kept messing up that it caused the axles to go? Seems like chrysler knew about this already cause they didnt give you a...
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      Re: who else has high hopes for the Acura TLX?

      This looks better, but the current model drives x100000000 better.
      Hopefully the new one will offer both.
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      Re: Buying a SUV/CUV

      I said extended cab, which means 4 doors. Its a cheap, safer, and more reliable alternative to a small suv. Get a cover and put the dog in back. Can haul more, dog can drool all over, just hose...
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      Re: Buying a SUV/CUV

      What about a used 13' Ram 1500 v6 extended cab? Can get them with very low miles in the low 20's, they get 18 city 25 hwy. Slap a bed cover and its a suv. ;)
    19. Re: guess what was lurking around my town.. 2015 mustang content.

      Jesus that looks mean. If the base/gt looks like that, i wonder how the cobra and other models are gunna look like.
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      Re: 2014 Cherokee Having 2nd Strong Sales Month

      The interior quality is really sad.
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