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    Type: Posts; User: 2009mk5gti

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    1. interested

      Hey bud would u take 5k cash and day this week, its all I have so I am offering it to u, all u can say is no.
    2. Upp

    3. Replies

    4. 443 608 6974

      443 608 6974
    5. Any decent car perhaps and cash. send me a...

      Any decent car perhaps and cash.
      send me a message lot easier I am barely on here
    6. take ti !!!

      Than just come and take it Mate!!!
    7. 16V 2.0 ABA Stage 4 Supercharged Fully built mk2 for trade/ Sale Lots of pictures

      as the title states the car is up for trade and or sale, Its fully built car. I can give a full run down of whats in the car if ur seriously interested.
      I do not wish to waste anyones time so dont...
    8. 16V 2.0 ABA Fully built mk2 for trade +Cash

      As title states, this a show car ready mk2 with 106k miles on body and less than 10k on setup.
      I want to trade it and perhaps get cash on top if ur car istn worth mine.
      Car is fully built and its...
    9. Thanks mate, and good luck with her!!!

      Thanks mate, and good luck with her!!!
    10. 1991 16V 2.0 ABA Stage 4+ Bahn Brenner Lysholm Supercharged mk2 gti Fully built, Trany and engine

    11. For Trade/Sale Miro 111 Like new, with new tires

      As the title states i have my miro 111 up for TRADE/SALE
      I WANT 1250$ with brnad new tires and wheels have been on car less than 3 months. They r new pretty much
      18x 8.5 and 18x 9.5 et 35
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      Got cash in hand

      hey buddy i send u an PM please get a hold of me. I want these and i need them. I was supossed to get a new set from NGP but they an out of stock so i need to get them this week. Id come as early as...
    13. YESSS

    14. they are 5x12 18' 8.5 All Around powdercoated...

      they are
      5x12 18' 8.5 All Around powdercoated white ET35
    15. I am in BALTIMORE MD bud

      I am in BALTIMORE MD bud
    16. $$$1000 in hand plus 18" Bbs Ch wheels to trade

      Looking for some wide wheels, i have $1000 cash money plus bbs ch wheela i wanna get rid off
      They r 18" 8.5 all around white color.
      Need wheels ASAP

      Would like a stagered set must...
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      2004 Audi s4 wheels for sale

      Stock 04 audi s4 wheels up for grabs!!! Make me some offers i wanna sell straight out just got new wheels!!!
      Just bought brand new Good year 4 tires $1300 so please dont low-ball me make me a...
    18. ...

      Gentelman Its not my firs car to sell on here !!!
      The car does not have any Tears at all!!! I am amuzed by the guys like ur self !!! If ur so interested into the car u would have PM me and gotten...
    19. Well, i am sure that u would know better than an...

      Well, i am sure that u would know better than an NGP tom mechanic who has build all of their Cars, Personal Race cars and Customers !!!
      Either way if ur not interested whats the point of u making...
    20. ......

      Dude as i have stated earlier this car is 10/10 is missing the hub cap i can get it but i dont really care. I dont mean to be a dick to anyone on here but people ur dumbasses, they dont take the time...
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