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    1. Custom Stainless Steel Polished Exhaust Tips

      I just ordered a pair of stainless steel polished exhaust tips from a custom guy on Ebay:

      2012 Volkswagen VW Beetle Bug Exhaust Tips

      He's got really great reviews, with the only complaints...
    2. vdub10golf, Just to be on the safe side, you...


      Just to be on the safe side, you may want to take in the parts list that fixed mine:

      Known Intermittent Window Problem 2012 Beetle:

      A C/S Drivers window does not respond to...
    3. How to reset our 2012 Beetle power windows, in case anyone ever needs to know:

      It's great to hear that parts have been ordered to fix your windows, Plex03 : ) I had another issue with my windows yesterday, but this time it was an easy fix:

      Yesterday I went to the VW...
    4. window woes and Tail of the Dragon : )

      So glad to hear that the dealership is finally going to do something about the windows, Dan. Let me know how it goes. I've heard on the Oprah group that sometimes the fix works and sometimes it...
    5. Haven't heard of the group, but I went out and...

      Haven't heard of the group, but I went out and looked at the forum for Tail of the Dragon, and it sounds like a blast! I might try and drive up on Saturday. Should be fun : ) I'll dig through the...
    6. I guess it's true what we used to say about Yugos as kids:

      "Yugos to hell, if you buy one", and with a 12 month/12,000 mile warranty? Mighty expensive year of driving for the poor person whose oil pan fell off at 13,000 miles...Kind of like the "Pinto Blow...
    7. Photos of my Beetle for Son : )

      Hey Son,

      Here's a picture with me and the reporter on the day I received the car at Harmony Motors in Asheville, NC:
    8. Thanks so much for posting photos, Moodylucy.

      Thanks so much for posting photos of you Beetle with the Splash Guards, Moodylucy. Helps me to see them on the Denim Blue car : )
    9. For Dan, contact info for the Asheville VW Dealership

      Hey Dan,

      I am so sorry to hear that your dealership is treating you like this!

      The intermittent window problem is a known issue. Most of the people in the Oprah Audience group I'm in have the...
    10. I was digging around looking for Splash Guard photos

      Hey Bill,

      I was digging around looking for Splash Guard photos, and was very happy to see that you had posted yours. Your car looks sharp with the white and black, I just didn't know how the denim...
    11. Window fix, from the VW Invoice:

      Too funny about the zipper analogy, Stingme1975.

      The VW service rep at the dealership told me that they had just received an update on how to fix the windows, and that it was a known issue. They...
    12. Marketing the 2012 Beetle through Oprah and the Beetle Giveaway program

      I'm not sure what the thinking was on giving away those cars besides marketing for VW. From what I was told, the Oprah audience members were some of the first people n the world to get the cars, and...
    13. 1990 Nissan Truck

      I still have my 1990 Nissan Truck. I got my Beetle from The Oprah Winfrey Show, so the only choice I had was the color and whether I sold it or not.

      I was really planning to sell it, my...
    14. Replies

      Sweet! The rear tag made me crack up laughing : )

      Sweet! The rear tag made me crack up laughing : )

      [QUOTE=210thumper;76845808]2012 launch edition....the first in Texas that i know that went stage II and took me awhile to post on...
    15. Got my Beetle Tinted : ) Splash Guards? Windows fixed hopefully

      I got my Beetle tinted on Friday. The installer said this was the first one he had done in our area, and the windows are so curvy that he had to shrink wrap them. He installed the back window with...
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      Thanks, Mike : )

      Thanks for the reply, Mike.

      I took my Beetle in to have the window issue fixed this morning, and I was just talking about the ECU Upgrade with one of the customer service reps at the VW...
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      Is APR only available for the Turbo?

      Was wondering if you happen to know if APR is only available for the Turbo model? I was digging around on their website, and only found it for the 2.0. I've got the 2.5L. Thanks : )
    18. Replies

      Thanks for the quick reply, Bill

      Thanks for the welcome and the quick reply, Bill.

      Sorry, I should have been more clear on my question. What I'm wondering is are the hatches on the turbo and the 2.5L dimensionally the same on...
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      Got my Beetle from Oprah : ) Question on Spoiler

      I was nominated for the Oprah Heroes show by members of a support group I've run for 8 years. Turned out that the Heroe's Show was actually the last Oprah's last Favorite Things show. I got my denim...
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