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      It's a whole buncha vines. And yeah I agree with...

      It's a whole buncha vines. And yeah I agree with everything else you said.
    2. I'm not sure what the rules are for testing...

      I'm not sure what the rules are for testing there, but they've been deteriorating lately due to salt mining in the area. Speed Week was just cancelled for the second year in a row. That hasn't...
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      Re: JD’s archives: Galant VR-4

      I didn't realize these had the 4G63t. I've just never known much about them. In high school my friends had first gen Talons and just with exhaust and MBCs those things could rip. I assume it would be...
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      Re: Syncro Sassiness

      I spotted this clean Synchro today. The only "issue" I could see was the Westfalia vinyl peeling off.
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      Re: The cars of Grand Theft Auto V.

      This one has the best name IMO.

      The BF Injection : Baja Bug
    7. Re: DIY Garage rental with Lift & tools for $25/hr. HELL YEA!!

      It's still here but NAPA owns it now. Which is convenient considering they have a distribution warehouse across the street.
    8. Re: Nothing to see here, just another old Volvo with a 350 Chevy swap...

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      Re: Guess the car - wreck edition

      '11 WRX hatch
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      Re: Post pics of your dog(s)

      I posted this pic of Clyde about five months ago. A blue heeler/aussie mix. This was the day I got him.

      He's growing up quick. He's a sharp one. Super easy to...
    11. Re: TFL: What's the worst car-related financial move you've seen?

      A few years ago my friend bought an E36 318 with over 250,000 miles for close to $6k. The thing was beat. The seats were completely trashed, there were rattles everywhere in the interior, the heat...
    12. Re: Ever filed an insurance claim for rodent damage to a vehicle?

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      Re: City Porn

      Although I'm looking to get out soon, it's a beautiful city. Very clean and well laid out. Most people don't realize that for the most part, Salt Lake has a very different culture from the rest of...
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      Re: City Porn

      May as well post my hometown. No real overly impressive buildings, at least not the tallest ones. But the location and backdrop makes up for it. I'd have a very hard time living anywhere without...
    15. Re: Cars you remember from your childhood(toddler years)!!

      I remember this was my dad's daily driver. Pretty much identical.

      The family car was an 80s...
    16. Re: Halloween .... what will you be wearing???

      I found the hat, glasses, cigarette holder, and shirt in a package deal on ebay for about $45. I found some pants and shoes that look just right at a thrift store.
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      Re: Powered bookshelf/desktop speakers

      I had these. I don't have any complaints. They sounded good and aren't huge, but you'd definitely need a little desk space. Only reason I got rid of them is because my netbook took a **** and I got...
    18. Re: Halloween .... what will you be wearing???

      I just got my costume today. I'll shave when the time comes. There's actually about 15" of hair tucked into that hat.

      Jesus, did I say that? Or just think it?
    19. Re: Mexican monster truck accident results in 8 deaths

      Teens die in crashes because the driver is speeding, and everyone feels bad for the passengers. Some Mexicans die while trying to have an innocent fun day out, and everyone makes lame, borderline...
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      Re: 2K Update - Crosstrek

      I really like these. What other plans do have for it?
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