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      Why Not Give it a Try?

      I've got a 2013 5MT S trim JSW. It's got about $18K on it. If it had been an automatic, the wife probably would have staked a claim to it.

      The inline 5 is an extremely reliable engine as long as...
    2. Thread: pano or no?

      by Outrider6

      A Hole in the Roof You Pour Money In?

      We've had three JSWs. The first two have sunroofs, the last does not.

      The sunscreen is semi-translucent. It blocks a lot, but not everything. I've got a cover installed to keep the summer heat...
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      Something Seems Off

      "The dealer" makes me wonder if this is a VW dealer. G12 has been standard in VWs for over a decade. Do they even have green anti-freeze at VW anymore? The G12 I've seen is either pink or...
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      Giveaways for a Canadian model...

      Foglights and the Golf badge on the trunk.

      Cool car.
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      Great Choice

      The 2.5S isn't a GTI, but it is a lot of other very desirable things.

      The engine isn't really worth spending money on. It isn't that it can't be made more powerful. It clearly can be, but not so...
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      First Mods

      Consider doing things best done to a new car. Paintshield and mudflaps come to mind.

      If you don't have VCDS, consider getting it.
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      Paint Shield

      Haven't seen the sill guards stocked here, but you might try NGP Racing to see if they would bring some in with their next order from the UK.

      I put paint shield film on my door sills. Works well...
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      The Question We Were Asked to Answer

      So Jetta sedans don't matter, nor do Passats of any kind.

      For the MK VI JSW, BT is under the passenger seat if it's a separate module. My 2011 JSW TDI came equipped with an RNS-315 and had a BT...
    9. Eating Crow...

      The automatic for the 2.5 is a 6 speed as KC Jazz noted. It's been this way from 2009 onward; it's not 5 speed Tiptronic as I posted. (Just checked SportWagen brochures from '09, '11, and '13.) ...
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      RNS-510 in a 2014 JSW

      If you have and RNS-510, I assume you're adding this to replace something else.

      If you're replacing an RNS-315, you may not have a factory BT module, since the RNS-315 has an internal BT module.
    11. Transmission is a Big Part of the Equation, Too

      If you go for the gasser, give the transmission some thought.

      The 5 MT in recent models is wide ratio, with the fifth gear being an overdrive. It's probably best thought of as a four speed with a...
    12. Short Commute, Take the Gasser

      I love my TDI JSW, but it's not at its best for short commutes. Honestly, no car "loves" short commutes, but a non-turbo gasser is probably the least harmed by that use pattern. TDIs have DPFs to...
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      Sounds Good & Also Not Too Good to be True

      $65 for oil is OK, but even the dealer will run specials at $50 or below.

      $210 is great for DSG service. The fluid (really only needs 4.5 liters, but you have to buy 5 liters) gaskets, and filter...
    14. Quibble, Quibble

      You won't get it all the way in, but it might take a while to figure it out what the problem is if the filter is already in the trash. The very black oil can make it hard to see the obstruction,...
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      MK V Mirrors

      Mk VI Golfs, GTIs, and Rs have very different mirrors than the MK V versions on JSWs.

      You should be safe with any MK V mirror, though.
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      Be Mindful of the Ratios, Though

      There are some differences in the ratio spreads in the 5MTs as well as in the 6 MTs.

      A close ratio 6 MT box may end up returning fewer MPGs than you might see with a wider ratio 5 MT.

      Also, if...
    17. Thanks for Bringing it up

      It's not a common problem, but it's worth paying attention to.

      I could see why this happens.

      The heat could make the plastic more brittle over time.

      The filter cap needs to be angled out...
    18. A Few Suggestions

      Rubber mats from the dealer are nice enough. You're buying a new car...get a deal on those, too, along with the factory mud flaps, which are easiest to install on a lift.

      Get VCDS (also called...
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      Not So Fast...More Than One Variable In Play

      So... If you have a '13 SE, you have a Tiptronic automatic. If you had opted for a TDI, the automatic transmission is a DSG. That's a significant change, too.

      We have an S with a 2.5l / 5MT and...
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      Knowing Your Audience

      True, but you knew all of the details. Pretty good chance some of the others were a bit fuzzy.

      I've been wanting not to like the MK VII, but the 1.8T could end up being a great improvement due to...
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