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      Coolant Flow

      Thank You
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      ABA Coolant Flow Diagram

      I am putting a 2.0 into my Trike motorcycle and need a coolant flow diagram anyone got one to post or know whereto find one ??
    3. 1.8 CIS onto a 2.0 Engine ?

      Hi I am wondering what changes I will have to make to a 1989 ,s rabbit conv. CIS Jetronic setup if I put it on to a 1997 2.0 engine other that bigger injector holders
    4. 3 Speed auto trans

      B4S --Did you mean the old 3 Speed could hold 500+tq. --and if so where do I get the parts ??----Watertrike Rog
    5. 3 Speed auto trans Pics

      Thanks for the help B4S --Doe,s any one no how new of a engine I can use and still have a Dist.--on the 1.8 -8valve and the 2.0-8 or 16 valve
    6. 3 Speed auto trans Pics ? 2

      This works I have added a Windscreen and Graphics since this photo
    7. 3 Speed auto trans Pics ?

      O.K. --Here is a pic of my Trike ?? I have a swival seat because I have a fused neck I do not know What,s up with this...
    8. 3 Speed auto trans

      The reason I need a automatic is my trike is a Trike motorcycle --right hand on the throttle left hand for clutch and no hand to shift
    9. 3 Speed auto trans

      Thanks --I have a Trike Motorcycle with a 1.6 diesel and it is slow and dirty !! I am trying to port pics but not real good with computors
    10. 3 Speed auto trans

      I am in mi. --What engine would you use ?? I do expect to use a carb or carbs.
    11. 3 Speed automatic to a 1997 -2.0 16 valve ?

      Hi --Is there e reason you can,t put a 3 speed automatic onto a say ! 1997 -2.0 16 valve?? and if so why not !! I am a machinist ---Thanks
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      Watertrike -Trike Motorcycle

      Hi -I have a 1.6 Diesel and a 5 speed with a air shift that I built and want to get rid of both
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      Diesel to Gas

      Hi --How new of a gas engine and automatic transmission could I use ??
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      Mega Squirts and Automatic Transmission

      Hi --My ? is how are you going to interface the automatic transmission computer to the M.S.
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