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    1. Special Deals for Vortex Users @ Mitchell VW In Canton CT

      Well, I finally made the switch- After a long and productive career working for Harley-Davidson, while maintaining a strong passion for my mkII and mkIV's, I was made an offer to come to work for...
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      Re: FS:95 Jetta S.Jersey $400. (marleyvwgli)

      A buddy of mine is very interested in vehicle if not sold. If you could please send pics to or give him a call @ 860-538-4742. His name is Mike Stillo. Thanks!
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      FS: UR Aluminum Flywheel B.O.

      Digging through some things I found my old flywheel out of the GLI (02M 6 Speed) and am offering it up for sale. It is an UNORTHODOX RACING Lightweight aluminum flywheel, and was installed with both...
    4. Sorry for the response time. Please reply to my...

      Sorry for the response time. Please reply to my e-mail address, as it is linked to my cell phone and I check it several times per day.
      Thanks again!
    5. WTB: MKII Jetta, GTI, Looking in New England Area, Cash in Hand

      I am currently on the lookout for a MKII in Good shape. I know there is a huge variety in tastes floating around, all of which suit a need. I am looking somewhere in the category of Stock to OEM...
    6. yes, it will fit, still interested?

      yes, it will fit, still interested?
    7. Re: FS: New, Never installed Forge Motorsports TIP, Blue. (04GLIProject)

      Has plug for AWP motor.
    8. FS: New, Never installed Forge Motorsports TIP, Blue.

      Ordered the part last January, sold the car last thursday before I installed it.
      Frankly, If I can drive to your house, I'll take enough money to end up at home with a decent amount of gas. I jost...
    9. FS: 2004.5 PG VW Jetta GLI, Light Mods

      59004 Miles, Never driven Hard, Father of 2 used for daily commute
      Accident in July 2006 (No Carfax, Clean Title)
      Damaged one wheel (RF) and left a golf ball sized dent on the quarter panel....
    10. Re: FS: MK4 jetta OEM power side Mirrors black, $60 each, $100 for both (smao)

      Need Them! I'll take them both, and I'm willing to drive up to Amherst to get them this thursday if possible. Call 860-677-8437 today, ask for mike, if they're still available.. Thanks!
    11. Re: WTB: Right driveshaft assembly and Seatbelt assembly for 04.5 GLI (BVAMotorsports)

      How much for drivers shipped? Sold if less than $100
    12. WTB: Right driveshaft assembly and Seatbelt assembly for 04.5 GLI

      Looking for driveshaft (right) for use w/ the 02M.. Let me know, will pay shipping.. Also need the seatbelt/reel... Same terms, just give me the asking price..
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      Re: WTB: Lowering Springs for 1.8t (hotsnuglemonster)

      Got a used set of Neuspeed Race.. Make an offer.. literally 1400 miles on them.. pics upon request
    14. Re: Can't remove BBS RC center caps ... any ideas? (Sam C)

      Give this a Try.... Use a **SOFT** rubber mallett and tap the outer ring counterclockwise....
    15. Re: (04GLIProject)

      Could it be a Throw out bearing? Just a thoght,
    16. Re: (Dubsport Inc)

      No Fluid- Just checked, any Idea's
    17. Re: (Tucci)

      Aftermarket Flywheel/Clutch assembly- I'm really not sure whats goin on w/ it
    18. Tranny/Clutch problem! Need help to try and make work for Monday!

      Hey all, I apreciate checking this topic out. My Clutch pedal isnt working correctly... The car will not go in any gear from a dead stop, it almost seems as though the clutch is permanantly frozen to...
    19. Really need some advice, (HELP!) am posting this in 2 forums

      Big problem my transmission, the other day coming off the highway after work, my clutch seems to have lost pressure or something, and now the car will not go into gear with the vehicle on and the...
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      Re: Spec Miata Racing team proposition- (04GLIProject)

      Sponsorship+captal equates to about $65,000 usd for immediate use- thats why I'm looking- a friend of the family keeps warning me that If I were to go ahead in this with less than 100K after I have a...
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