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    1. Trans

      Hope that all went well an you got the trans in. Just did mine. First off make sure that the clutch and flywheel are aligned with the special tool. Next, when you get the trans near the engine,...
    2. Wheels

      Texted before no response, what happened? :confused:
    3. sharp

      What if the car is green? I'm I going to be the green giant? Kidding of course.... :D
    4. Replies


      Text'd you, no response:confused:
    5. Bad sale

      Sorry to hear about your troubles, but things like this do happen. I do agree that you should have had someone else look at the car if you don't know what can be a potential mechanical problem with...
    6. Thread: Let it out.

      by icarusart

      About VW

      I hate the fact that my garage isn't big enough to hold all the VW's that I would like to own. :bs:
    7. Thread: mitt romney

      by icarusart

      Mitt Romney

      Romney! Romney! YES!! :thumbup:
    8. Boat

      Whaaaaa? :beer:
    9. Replies

      Part list

      A parts list of models and part available will be great, cheepo prices:thumbup:
    10. Rotors

      What's the actual part number for these rotors?
    11. Rims

      Yes, I also need more details.... Pictures will be helpful, size, part number... I'll pick up minus the cost of gas....
    12. Valve

      I see you are making some progress. The stock ECM programing will run your system at an optimum state if all the parameters are in sync. If you throw those numbers off by aggressive mods without...
    13. WTB:MK4 cooling hose, Longbeach 17", Rear mirror


      The stuff I am looking for:

      23mm stock MK4 sway bar no rust $10
      Inside Rear view mirror dimming for MK4 GLX $Best offer
      Long Beach Rims I need 2 or more rims, Tire N/R
    14. ECP light

      Also check around for info about the EPC light.....And make sure you have the updated revised and newly revised coil packs for the 1.8 AWD.

    15. EPC

      AHhhhhh, Dude, you have to pull some codes off of this ECM and see why it's giving you the EPC...... Best of all you will know why better then the shop as to why the EPC light comes on...... Change...
    16. Bushings!!!

      I'm about to replace my MK4 LCA bushings.... Perhaps I can post a proper DIY? Any interest? It will be extra work, ya know, taking pics, and all that, jaz... Let me know 3 days to get the votes...
    17. LCA bushing replacement

      My applause :laugh: to your effort and video. However, I have some issues with the overall procedure. First, the design of the stock bushings is to promote flexing of the control arm under stock...
    18. Good one

      I just finished the new housing and pipe install on my 12v VR6.. Wow :cool: It was epic... and I feel much better now.. 3hrs to disassemble and 4hrs to get it together. Also, I cleaned and painted...
    19. Housing

      I just finished the new housing and pipe install on my 12v VR6.. Wow :cool: It was epic... 3hrs to disassemble and 4hrs to get it together. Also, I cleaned and painted a few parts as well as took...
    20. Repair

      Good to hear. The 1.8t is a good engine. Make sure you do the timing belt and water pump as required if it's not been replace already, it's a critical maintenance.
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