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      VW corrado g60 fuel rail

      To all and anyone, Anyone have a BBM fuel rail with fpr adapter for 1990 G60 8v for sale? Since bbm no longer makes this im in need of one.. Or does anyone have any advice for a different set up? ...
    2. Alright so I replaced the fuel pump relay. No...

      Alright so I replaced the fuel pump relay. No more buzzing sound that's fixed. But now when I start the car it will run for maybe 5 to 10 min and then dies. And it will not start Again. Any...
    3. buzzing sound from fuse box when trying to start

      Hello all... i have a 1990 vw corrado g60. Tried to start it the other day and while turning the ignition switch there is a buzzing sound coming from fuse box. Got the car to turn over once or...
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      You nailed it..that is exactly the issue because...

      You nailed it..that is exactly the issue because it does hit the exhaust...thanks alot..much appreciated!
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      1990 vw corrado g60 gas leak

      Hello all.. new to site thought i would throw this out there regarding an issue that just recently started with my car. I have a gas leak that is coming from somewhere on the top of the engine.. im...
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