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    1. Re: (kerosenec4)

      Quote, originally posted by kerosenec4 »

      The sonata is a hyundai and I've heard too many bad things about them.

      Consumer Reports rated the Hyundai Sonata the most reliable vehicle...
    2. Re: Busta Rhymes to produce next Raekwon album (steez)

      Has Busta Rhymes produced anything before???
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      Re: (colnago)

      Anyone have a fully modded 1949 Beetle yet? Those things kick ass http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif Only 84 horsepower, but the weight can be dropped to 655 kg and the nitrous actually...
    4. New Avon Tech M550 A/S vs. Pirelli P-Zero Nero M&S

      Eventually I want to upgrade to 17" wheels and performance all-season tires, and the Pirelli P-Zero Nero M&S has always been my favorite for its all-around performance. Recently, I checked out...
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      Re: What do you consider 'good' fuel mileage? (slime_ball)

      To me, good fuel mileage in general is 20+ in the city and 30+ on the highway. Today there is the technology for 90 percent of the new cars out there to achieve those standards, but it's not...
    6. Re: Have 2 Jeep Cherokees & '85 Jetta -should I buy a 2001 Passat? (tjl)

      I'm a college kid myself - who happens to drive a 2001 Passat. http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif The 2001 and 2003 model years seem to be most reliable, but the 1.8T has never had...
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      Re: (garagemonster)

      Even with the Mazda3, try getting a sunroof with cloth seats. They will look at you funny.

      White Plains Mazda managed to find a Winning Blue 3 hatchback with a sunroof/6CD...
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      Re: Danny Heatley restricted to six cylinders (Oliver@triplezoom)

      Quote, originally posted by Oliver@triplezoom »

      First thing that came to mind when I saw the thread title was 911 Turbo.

      Or a Noble M12 GTO.
    9. Re: Fuel Economy - Regular vs Premium Unleaded (OdorCide)

      Thanks for the help guys, actually the Passat is my parents' car, a Corolla or Civic would be a great idea economically, except I'm 6'6" and my knees hit the steering wheel of every small car I have...
    10. Fuel Economy - Regular vs Premium Unleaded

      For any car that is designed for premium fuel, I know power decreases a little, but does fuel economy also decrease? Also, will using regular all the time accelerate engine wear? I am on a very tight...
    11. Re: (scotaku)

      Quote, originally posted by scotaku »

      This is what's taking so ****ing long. A racing game with steam powered horseless carriages and pickup trucks. AND NOT A FERRARI IN SIGHT!
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      Re: (00glxvr6boy)

      I love all the Rage covers...but there's no way that they're better than the originals. Especially F*ck Tha Police, that's probably one of the ten greatest rap songs of all time.
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      Re: GT3 seventh gear??? (AutobahnTDI)

      Word...there was a tiny Subaru hatchback with a 7-speed CVT!
      Also notable in GT2 are the Prius (the car is completely silent at idle just like real life)...
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      Re: *** GT4 delayed until 2005 *** (vdubrider)

      Oh yeah...I also don't need GT4 'cause I have a '93 WRX rally car waiting for me in one of my countryside garages in GTA: San Andreas. ...
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      Re: *** GT4 delayed until 2005 *** (Dan337)

      I give up.
      Waiting the extra time for GT2 and GT3 was bad enough. I even wrote to Sony in mid '99 because GT2 kept on getting delayed and they...
    16. Re: EW picks the greatest hip hop album ever. (dras)

      Where's Illmatic????? It's gotta be at least top five.
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      Re: (RoccinStrybs84)

      For the B5 Passat V6 there is a very small improvement in performance but no improvement in gas mileage. The engine is still smooth and quiet until you get into the upper RPM range where it is a bit...
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      Re: Jerry Rice to the Seahawks (ed rooney)

      He would have been great on the Jets...except he would have to be behind Moss, McCareins, and Chrebet who are all better than him now. Seattle is a great fit for him because of their lack of depth at...
    19. Re: I have to say I'm most dissapointed in these new releases... (trueblue)

      [QUOTE=trueblue] NIce to hear Big Daddy kane again
      That's not Big Daddy Kane on the album. That's Black Thought imitating him perfectly. http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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      Re: NFL: Get Rid Of The PAT (TarmacSpecial)

      I agree that the NFL should get rid of PATs, they're boring and they're a guaranteed point. They should use the NFL Street system: 1 point for a running conversion, 2 points for a passing conversion.
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