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      Want to buy halo headlights

      Hello Guys,

      I want to buy halo headlights. Where can I found them with a good price?
      I have seen some on ebay.

      If someone of you have them to sell me I will be glad.

      Please, be sure you...
    2. Thank you guys!

      Thank you guys!
    3. Replacing the clogged cat by a straight pipe...

      Replacing the clogged cat by a straight pipe (free flow) can give more power than gutting the original CAT?
    4. Catalytic converters vs Free Flow System vs Emptying the CATs


      I own a Passat V6 4Motion. A couple of months ago I noticed that my car had a poor performance and bad gas mileage. My dealer said that it was a problem in one of the CATs. So I took my car to...
    5. Re: Timing belt installed 4 weeks ago, broke 3 days ago (vdubb3dan)

      I paid the repair myself.<p>It makes noise when I accelerate. The mechanic says that the <B>exhaust manifold gasket</B> is damaged. Ignoring the noise, the car is doing well!<p>Thank you!!!
    6. Problem in one of the exhaust pipes (affecting performance)

      Hello guys!<p>I own a 2001.5 Passat V6 4Motion. <p>Frequently, when I am driving my car I feel some resistance when I accelerate. Additionally, sometimes I feel a smell like something burning...
    7. Re: Timing belt installed 4 weeks ago, broke 3 days ago (gstrouse)

      Thank you for your replies.<p>The car has been repaired. I am driving it for 2 weeks.
    8. Re: Timing belt installed 4 weeks ago, broke 3 days ago (qcoffey)

      He will not cover the labour. I am paying the repair myself.<p>Is there any problem to replace the damaged valves with used valves (but in good condition)?<p>What is the procedure to repair the...
    9. Re: :: ECS Tuning :: ECS B5 / B5.5 Passat Ultimate Timing B ... (

      Please, see this topic <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank"></A> <p>I would like to buy a timing belt kit? Can...
    10. Timing belt installed 4 weeks ago, broke 3 days ago

      Hi everyone!<p>I own a Passat V6 4Motion 30V.<p>I installed a new timing belt 4 weeks ago (at 139000km). My mechanic replaced only the timing belt and left other parts (tensioner, etc)....
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      Re: Passat water deposit has garbage (scotts13)

      The mechanic has done the flush a week ago. He filled the coolant with regular anti-freeze.<p>The garbage was brown (in color).<p>Thank you!
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      Passat water deposit has garbage

      Hello guys.<p>I have just bought a passat 2001.5 passat. I have figured out that the water deposit has garbage. <br>I have spoken to a mechanic and he said it happened because the car remained in the...
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      [P R N D 4 3 2] in 2001.5 passat

      Hello guys,<p>What are the [4], [3], and [2] in the transmission meant for?<p>Please let me know of the good practices (and bad practices) in using the transmission while driving.<p>Thank you!
    14. Re: HELP WITH MY NEW PASSAT (newvariant)

      Hello Guys,<p>Thanks for your answers.<p>Sorry, I have been busy registering my car in my country.

      Hello guys,<p>Does anyone know a website with an online guide about using a passat.<p>I would like to understand all the features of my passat.<br>Now I can:<br>- Adjust the seats.<br>- Heat the side...
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      EPC alarm on dashboard

      Hello Guys,<p>I have just bought a 2001.5 passat v6 4motion. I received the car two days ago.<p>It shows in the dashboard the EPC signal. What does it mean?<p>PS: When I turn on the car the EPC...
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      Problem with the hood lift

      Hello guys!<p>I have just bought a 2001.5 passat v6 4motion. <br>Two days ago I could open the hood and it would stay opened supported by the hood lift. Yesterday, when I opened the hood, the lift...
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