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      I'm needing tires soon too, I'm at 42k. With our...

      I'm needing tires soon too, I'm at 42k. With our winters here in Michigan, I've been debating on sticking with A/S or going with winters. Any thoughts on winter tires for the Routan?

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    2. I'm not sure when the new Golf Wagon is due, I...

      I'm not sure when the new Golf Wagon is due, I believe it is a 2015 model. It has been shown several times, just not sure when the dealers will get them.

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    3. Teach me about the Colorado and why I should choose it over a Tacoma

      I'm anxiously awaiting the 2015 Canyon. It seems like it will fit our needs right now. I want to see them in person.

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      TCL on VW's

      Wow surprised anyone caught that! I'm showing my vortex age now. So, did he buy at Jim Ellis, enquiring minds must know!

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      Caliper replacement difficulty?

      Dealer said I need new brakes, ours has 40k on the originals so that's not too bad. They said the clips have been upgraded and they will do that well. Should make the next set last longer

    6. Solar Panels Built Into Roads Could Be the Future of Energy


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      2013 JSW loaner

      Same thing here, wife wanted try one, proved too small for her and kids on trips so it became my dd. I have a S 5speed and it is really a fun little car. We looked at the TDI but it was $6k more...
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      Caliper replacement difficulty?

      I have the same issue but in the back. I was going to take it in to get looked at.

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    9. Dodge Caravan: Is there any more bang for your buck to be had?

      I'll probably get flamed for this, but I really like our Routan. It's a MY 11 so it has the new engine. It does what it should. If I didn't get a Routy, I would go for one of the other Chrsyler...
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      Best VW dealer Western Michigan

      Recently moved to West Michigan and looking for recommendations for VW dealers in the area for service. Thanks!

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    11. I love the way the GMC Canyon looks in the wild...

      I'm really digging it too. We moved to the country a year ago and could really use a truck. I'm not sure I'm comfortable driving a Sierra day in and out, but this might be the perfect size for us.
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      UAW Loses the Vote in TN.

      So, what does this mean for the CrossBlue? Will it be built in TN or Mexico?
    13. Trucker Lounge, I want to learn some things

      SCS is working on a new American version of the game. They had several a few years back. This one will be on the new Graphics Engine. Here's a YouTube clip of someone playing a prototype. There's...
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      Oil light already?

      Ugh nice to see the 2.0t have not changed. Every one I've had always ate oil between changes. I was hoping it had been fixed now.
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      New Routan

      I don't believe the Chrysler VW deal is still in place. Plus there's that pesky detail of Fiat owning Chrysler. The next people hauler for the US is supposed to be the CUV whenever it comes out.
    16. Bill Hicks - Positive Drug Story...last 2 minutes = deep

      Bill Hicks was awesome, as others said, he died way too young.
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      Haha someone works for Kellogg's, nice!
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      JSW 2.5 Oil Leak?

      I took my JSW S in for an oil change. One thing they noted was a possible oil leak. They said it wasn't a big deal and they can look at It when I come back next. I monitor my oil levels regularly...
    19. "New" JSW, moving from Southwest to Michigan, misc. questions

      I also moved to Michigan a couple of months back. I have a gas JSW. I've been debating on the winter tires thing too. Though I live on a state highway and my neighbors told me I'll be fine in the...
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      Calvin Harris, never heard of him.

      I'm surprised there is that much gap between Calvin Harris and Tiesto. I figured Tiesto would be raking it in.
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