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      Scirocco Parts

      Cleaning up a bit.
      Make me offers on anything you see below:

      - pair of mk1 Scirocco S bumpers (6/10 cond.)
      - rear seat from mk1 Scirocco S
      - complete set of Scirocco S badges...
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      Parting out 2 G60 Corrados

      Built one car from two, so I'm now willing to part with some of my non-essential spares.
      Most parts are from a 1990 yellow G60, and are in good shape. Make me an offer if you see anything you...
    3. Thanks for the info. Its a bummer to hear that...

      Thanks for the info.
      Its a bummer to hear that I can't eliminate the WUR, that seems, so far- to be the bulk of my problems. I was really just looking for a more rebuildable, less corrosion-prone...
    4. Thanks for the reply, but unless I'm...

      Thanks for the reply, but unless I'm misunderstanding something, the computer should be providing the same signal to (what would be the Frequency Valve) the DPR, as all it does is interpret a signal...
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      Sounds like you are not running a Warm Up...

      Sounds like you are not running a Warm Up Regulator (WUR).
      I imagine you plugged the connector for the Differential Pressure Regulator (DPR) into the plug on the side of the Frequency Valve? The...
    6. Can I swap a CIS-E (motronic) fuel dizzy for a CIS-Lamba fuel dizzy?

      I have been having corrosion problems in my 'rocco (whats new), and have been clogging fuel distributors and WUR's for a while now. I picked up an aluminum fuel distributor from the yard out of a '91...
    7. I am having the exact same issue as you describe....

      I am having the exact same issue as you describe.
      The problem came on about a year ago, intermittent stalling (usually after idling for extended time during heavy traffic) at first, and now the...
    8. bump

    9. Scirocco/Corrado stuff must go, make offers!

      Mk1 Scirocco:
      Scirocco Script door-sill plastics
      S-style Bumpers (front and rear) 6/10 cond.
      S-style Grille 8/10 cond. (no cracks, paint fading)
      S-badges *minty
      S-rear seats 7/10 cond
    10. How about rear hatch? I'm located in Atlanta,...

      How about rear hatch?
      I'm located in Atlanta, but travel for business quite a lot, would like to be able to pick-up if still available. No need for wiper parts, or lock mechanisms, just glass and...
    11. email me at: ...

      email me at:

      We can discuss shipping/price.
      I have both turns and will throw in whatever molding you may need.
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      VW/Audi coolant tags

      2 Audi coolant tags
      2 Audi/VW coolant tags

      $5 each.
    13. FF/9A Transmissions and trans parts

      I have one complete 9A tranny of unknown condition, pulled from a previous project, I have also got 2 FF transmissions, one with a burnt 5th gear, and one missing 5th gear (pulled it for a 4K build)....
    14. mk2 headlights, buckets, markers....

      I have several headlight assy's
      Individual lights, individual buckets, individual US markers, or all together as a complete assembly.
      Let me know what you need, and make me an offer.

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      mk2 Black Leather Seats

      Seats are in OK condition. The passenger seat has only one small tear near the front of the seat bottom, the driver's on the other hand has a sizable tear on the bolster.
      $100 obo...
    16. forgot to include the casting #'s... ...

      forgot to include the casting #'s...
    17. scirocco intake manifold and throttle body

      Scirocco intake manifold from '79 Scirocco. Has smoother channels and slightly larger ports than the standard mk2 1.8 manifold. I'm not a throttle body expert, so the #'s on the TB are pictured, as...
    18. if interested in the rear hatch, please email me...

      if interested in the rear hatch, please email me at:

    19. mk2 rear hatch with wiper motor (spoiler removed)

      Red mk2 hatch, excellent shape, no rust. Soft spoiler has been removed, holes were taped-over to keep rain out.
    20. mk1 and mk2 parts late-summer cleaning

      Cleaning out the shop for some re-arranging, and I've got boxes of stuff I no longer need, no prices listed, so email me with an offer, or a request. I have more than what's listed, and pics of...
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