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    1. Just love the Vantage - only issue is where to service it?

      Beautiful car - will be my next choice as I tire of seeing 5 or more identical S4's like mine on my daily drive to work :(

      We have 1 Aston Dealer in Toronto and zero after market mechanics...
    2. Head over to Audizine - most active forum after Quattroworld ...

      Forums seem to evolve - Audizine now leads for traffic on the site
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      In Toronto its only $160 - no points - cops...

      In Toronto its only $160 - no points - cops rarely ticket now as so many are running without one.

      (Its only legal in Quebec to not have front plates.)

      Love your grill btw!
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      Curious - what is the fine in NY State for no front plate?

      In Toronto its only $160 - no points - cops rarely ticket now as so many are running without one.

      (Its only legal in Quebec to not have front plates.)

      Love your grill btw!
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      Congratulations - B8 is the best S4 - post pix when you can

      I thought my B6 was the best with the crazy assed V8. Loved it but the B8 is so damn precise! :eek:
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      I believe the start/stop button is part of the advanced key system

      ... stays in your pocket/jacket etc and recognizes key is in the car. Neat feature. Not a deal breaker though this car is awesome in every other way. Enjoy! Its fast :eek:
    7. Great shots - thanks for this - garage in Ingolstadt is quite a candy store - saw this last summer ...

      Martin Winterkorn's Aventador in that garage. :thumbup:

      Thanks for the post - gotta hope we get S3 in Canada and...
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      Yes - great shot - you must be in Europe? - head to Quattro World - best forum for overall participation

      Nice sled btw ;)
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      Why did you go S4 V6T vs. S5 V8?

      Am torn - heart says V8 - mind says V6 Supercharged ... looking for a trade up from an '04 S4 V8.

      Looking at a 2010 /11 S4/S5.

      Appreciate your thoughts - what do you love about your S4/S5 -...
    10. S5 owners - 2009 or 2010 - Audi Drive Select??

      Worth the extra $$?
      Am hunting a 2009/2010 - debating on looking for one with ADS - have found a nice 2009 without.

      Here it is ......
    11. Sport differential - good to have on an S5?

      Am hunting a 2010 S5 - I see some have a sport differential.

      Does it really make that much difference in handling?

      Any other "must have" options to look at? I like the B&O stereo for one ...
    12. What's an AWE cat back worth?? :P
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      Need thoughts on your S8!

      Am torn between a PO'd S5 or S8. Trading my '04 S4.

      Are you cool with the V10? B&O stereo?

      I love the V8 and V10 - before the damn hybrids move in ....

      Thoughts appreciated! :facepalm:
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      Sticky: Same boat - am in Canada so no Euro delivery ... this was as close as we got ..

      3 day Audi Experience out of Ingolstadt. Unlimited use of a 5.2 Spyder, 2 nights, 3 days + dinners on a suggested route around...
    15. Agree S5 is the better choice

      There is a ton of comparos on the web and You-Tube between the 2 but if you are a fan of "Top Gear" on BBC you will know Clarkson thinks BMW drivers are "cocks" - still dealing with the stereotype....
    16. Wow - you have the spectrum covered ... thoughts

      Vette - ok if you are over 50+
      BMW - a little dated and ... and its a BMW
      Either a good choive if you regularily track your cars though (lapping not racing).

      S4 is heavy and understeers hard.
    17. Looking for suggestions on upgrading headlight bulbs - 2007 A3 non-Xenon

      ECS has many choices - what do I use to simply get a cleaner light?

      Reco's welcomed! :thumbup:

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      Go Milltek - worth the extra $$

      I have a fullback system - only downside is the O2 sensor on the cats goes after 6 years - tripping your check engine liight.

      Sound is awesome. :eek:
    19. What are possible oil burning causes - 2007 A3 2.0T?

      Gone through 2 liters in 3 months ...
    20. Both daily driver and 2x track event a year car ...

      Am hearing Continental DW's or Bridgestone Potenzas as good choices?

      Toyo T1R's coming off her were not good.
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