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    1. Re: Yet another Goldman Sachs good ol' boy appointed in high level Treasury position (a_riot)

      Quote, originally posted by a_riot »

      Open your eyes and all will become clear...

      Ppl don't get it. This whole thing is a joke. They think Geithner washed dishes while working for...
    2. Re: (AutobahnTDI)

      Quote, originally posted by AutobahnTDI »

      Would've lost a bunch of money today... is tomorrow a better time?

      I was merely pointing out there is no reason to invest in financials...
    3. Re: (SteveMKIIDub)

      If you have any position in financial stocks, dump it NOW!!!
    4. Thread: My Collection

      by marzen

      Re: My Collection (MarkeeeVR6)

      Add an Omega and BR and you are all set.
    5. Re: (RuffDice)

      this is kind of news that mainstream media isn't talking about... and it was posted almost a year ago

      Modified by marzen at 2:00 PM 1-24-2009
    6. Re: (hugoaswho)

      that was an awesome reading hugoaswho.
    7. Re: (Mister MK4)

      Quote, originally posted by Mister MK4 »

      No. Is $1B today worth what it was in 1919? No.

      u are missing the point. even with inflation factored in, it's ungodly amount of money...
    8. Re: (Mister MK4)

      Quote, originally posted by Mister MK4 »

      Why do the sky-is-falling charts always fail to inflation-adjust?

      you kidding right?
    9. Re: (hugoaswho)

      Anyone wants to play a word game?
      lol they were wondering whether we were heading into recession then they said we were since 07 then they say we are going...
    10. Replies

      Re: (Tornado2dr)

      Quote, originally posted by Tornado2dr »

      Just remember that YOU can't take out a HELOC, cause you don't own the "H" part of the equation.
      Good luck.

      and you wonder why we are in...
    11. Re: (a_riot)

      Quote, originally posted by a_riot »

      I think we all know that business executives of public companies in the US and A are relentless in their desire to line their own pockets at the...
    12. Re: (spitonit)

      Quote, originally posted by spitonit »

      I still say raid the politicians pocketbooks and bank accounts !!!!

    13. Re: (SAPJetta)

      Quote, originally posted by SAPJetta »

      I agree with this on many levels, but after it fails, you need to do something. You either fix what caused it to break or do something else...
    14. Re: (SAPJetta)

      Quote, originally posted by SAPJetta »

      So what is the answer? You like to preach a lot of doom and gloom, but never with any real answer on how to fix the underlying problems.
      Example -...
    15. Re: (SAPJetta)

      Quote, originally posted by SAPJetta »

      SOME spending is better than NO spending. Our economy is in dire straits, but you can't argue that something is better than nothing.
      Since most...
    16. Re: (SAPJetta)

      Quote, originally posted by SAPJetta »

      Not yet. I'd imagine that today won't be any different, but hopefully over the course of the week as people start getting more encouraged at the...
    17. Re: (tyrolkid)

      Quote, originally posted by tyrolkid »

      Is there an update to that chart from July until now Marzen?

      no, I ran into that graph the otherday searching on CDS for all sectors. I...
    18. Re: (a_riot)

      Here is the simple graph which tells thousand words.
      Bottom line, CDS on US treasury is rising and the world thinks US is les and less credit worthy. Well, kinda like the broke a$$ US Citizens....
    19. Re: Couple jailed after failing to report $175k bank error (J Edgar Eliott)

      Quote, originally posted by J Edgar Eliott »

      to quote the late George Carlin, "it's a big club, and you ain't in it"

      I love that quote. Especially his stand up on Poltics.
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      Re: Unofficial: Follow current mortgage rates thread (the brit)

      Quote, originally posted by the brit »

      Guess who gets my business?

      better liar of the two.
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