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    1. FV-QR

      Car is sold
    2. FV-QR

      haha thanks man
    3. FV-QR

      easy bro, $ talks
    4. FV-QR

      thanks brothaaaaa!
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    6. FV-QR

    7. FV-QR

      up top
    8. FV-QR

      I need some garage space.
    9. FV-QR

      up top
    10. FV-QR

    11. FV-QR

      If someone brings me 8500 ill let it go. wheels n all. not negotiating any less so save the ****.
    12. FV-QR

      pretty surprised this car hasn't sold for $9k. You people need better jobs
    13. FV-QR

    14. FV-QR

      interested in trades, not modified cars or cars in general.
    15. FV-QR

    16. FV-QR

    17. FV-QR

      bump. my pregnant grouchy wife wants central air... and a new kitchen and a new bathroom and a new floor and a new everything and i want a bigger garage and a datsun and a new chainsaw. buy my car.
    18. FV-QR

      Cell service is awful at my house, anyone interested either leave a msg or contact me here and I will return your call from the landline.
    19. 14000 views someones gotta have some savings and...

      14000 views someones gotta have some savings and want a nice corrado
    20. FV-QR

      thanks. up top
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