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    1. I am a happy taker - if possible?

      I am a happy taker - if possible?
    2. Thank you all. I had a bad wire from generator...

      Thank you all.

      I had a bad wire from generator to battery. Fixed it.

      The car still idles perfectly.

      The problem comes when I rev the engine, then it cuts out.
      On the voltmeter I can see...
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      G3 1.8 90hp engine wont rev


      Engine: 1.8 90 HP ABS, 1998, Golf III.

      Problem: Idles fine, but cuts out when revving. Can be "caught" with the throttle and returned to stable idle.

      1. Not enough...
    4. Engine wont rev - can bad genny cause this?

      I have a strange case.
      Golf 3, 1996, 1.8 90HP ABS engine.

      I changed my generator yesterday.
      The changed genny gave about 12.2 volt....
      And with the other generator, the car wouldnt rev.
    5. Pinout for K-line and L-line in Monomotronic 45 pin plug?


      Can someone help me to identify the pins for the K-line and L-line in the 45 pin connector for the Monomotronic ECU on a 1996 G3 1.8 ABS engine?

      I am planning to add a diagnosisplug just...
    6. 1.8 ABS(1995 G3) engine cant cruise steady (with video)


      I have a very strange behaviour.

      I have this pattern, here heard at idle:

      And when driving:
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