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      turbo time!!

      That's going to give headaches in the big white north for sure,the engine bay is lights year cleaner than mine,keep the good work mate!!
    2. perfect mate

      hi Joe! that's the spot, because the side port on the head doesn't have enough pressure, starving the charger from lack of oil. Nice set up by the way,mine looks like crap but that's all I can do...
    3. hi mate!

      Turbo fed should be from filter housing,that's how I have mine set up and is working perfect, besides blowing my engine in a 4th gear down shift, it leaned pretty bad and melted three pistons, still...
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      Newman cams has 272* cam,schrick makes a 268/276...

      Newman cams has 272* cam,schrick makes a 268/276 cam that I would love to run,also TT 276 114LCA cam looks tempting!! Hi 911 long time no see bro!!
    5. ooo yesss!

    6. hi mate!

      Any updates mr West? Might go that route since I have the same head.As a side note you'll love the down low torque of the aba.My changes were from g60 gladder to g60 turbo to pg block and aba head...
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      epic indeed!

      Im also an owner of a alpine white coupe, but man this is gorgeous, keep the good work mate .
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      Ooo man the suspense is killing me! I just upgraded my pg block to aba set up, and what a difference, cant imagine AJ potential with the 276 114 lc cam . When I feel stressed out I just watch aj's...
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      Hi carat I used bolts since I ran into the same problem,so far so good,take care mate!
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      good news man!

      Now you'll see full potencial on Tour setup,of course it has yo be Paul or jeff for the win!!! I finished mine and it idles far better than wount regret it mate,good luck.
    11. hi mate

      Hi mate!! Definately,youll get 200hp @ 15psi ir more with the 272 CAM ,my conservative guess Is 250-275 on spray,mine Is holding pretty good,hope yo hear from you mate!!later Roderick.
    12. hi

      My block Is a pg from corrado but they are neeObd2aba headgasket( MLS )and done, If you fit the aba head youll need aba head bolts or ARP for that matter,diference between that block and mine Is that...
    13. hi

      My block Is a pg from corrado but they are the same,you need an Obd2 aba headgasket( MLS )and done,Aldo If you fit the aba head youll need aba head bolts or ARP for that matter,diference between that...
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      hi carat

      Hi mate!! Im running a k26#8,its spool is great,running it at 15-16 psi on digi 1, now running megasquirt and aba head,(got pissed at broken studs,then intake manifold on counter flow makes it harder...
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      ate brake

      Hi folks! This is a exellent product which i use in circuit racing and all my cars
      1. ATE blue fluid is non silicone
      2. Its wbp is higher than any comercial fluid
      3.Its been taken out because of...
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      Same as prof315-jeff,bkr7eix on both setups,supercharger and now turbo and they still work,my only mishap is i bought a set bkr8 and one fouled do to much gas @ idle,now with megasquirt no problems...
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      free air

      Hi mate!! Like it was said before,did you do the free air calibration? If not try that first since it should be done unce a year at best,also co pot setting,lastly if running a iac vave check that...
    18. pg block aba head turbo

      Well i'll play too,
      Pg block 100% stock
      Obd1 aba head
      Obd2 aba head gasket
      Ms1 v3.0
      30# redtop injectors
      Cis fuel pump(same as 044)bosch but oem
      Obx frontmount ic
      K26#8 turbo stg 3 wheel,38mm...
    19. perfection!

      Hi Mr Freddy masterfull as always,there is nothing better than watching your videos,it makes me want to speed up my engine build to hit the track,but in time since all good things take time so they...
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      freddy bender

      If you want a solid engine take a look at freddy benders build,mk1 sirocco,for me it just doesnt get any better,money well spent,top notch craftmanship and knowhow!!,look for his build its porn,hi...
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