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    1. Screw size for a 2002 Cabrio, Steering column cover?

      *Did Search*

      The car was purchased without steering column cover. Purchased the column covers from a vendor but they came without screws. Does anyone know the size screw that connects the...
    2. Cabrio gets close to starting...but will not start up.

      *Read over 15 posts but can't find one with similar situation*

      When trying to start a 2002 Cabrio, the car will not turn on. It gets close to starting but the engine will not turn-over. I can't...
    3. I guess

      I guess I'll keep an eye out on ebay and the junk yards.

      Can't believe JC Whitney doesn't have the covers either.
    4. Has anyone purchased from ?

      Has anyone purchased items from ? (Search feature only returned a guy parting out his engine for cheap)

    5. Thank you for your response. Had the car...

      Thank you for your response.

      Had the car serviced:
      - Fluid Flush
      - New brakes
      - oil change

      I'll have to check to see if they put a new airfilter in.
      I will look at the...
    6. Pulled check engine codes for a 2002 VW Cabrio - need input if someone else experienced this problem.

      I tried to use another post that I found that was similar but received no response probably because of the title. ( )

      Pulled the...
    7. Thread: AC+Car dying

      by yjbeach

      Check Engine light came on.. Pulled codes P0455 / P0171 / P0420

      I"m going to piggy back on this post instead of starting a new thread and the "Search" party comes knocking at the door. Car has lack of power because of the following.

      Pulled the following codes...
    8. Thank you all very much. I forgot sears sells...

      Thank you all very much. I forgot sears sells tires. It looks like they have a pretty good selection and it's about the same price.

      First VW, I'll be helping her maintain. A few of my buddies...
    9. Thank you all for your replies. This car will be...

      Thank you all for your replies. This car will be used on the weekends for short trips around the area most likely we will be using my car for any long distance driving or heading into D.C. (Live in...
    10. Where do you buy tires at for 2002 Cabrio? (Searched but it looks like most people upgraded their rims)

      (I searched the forum but every post I saw people upgraded their rim size to something larger and those tires are not available for a 2002 GLS)

      My GF is shipping her 2002 Cabrio in from her home...
    11. Replies

      2002 Cabrio sitting for 2 years

      I'm looking at getting my GF's 2002 Cabrio that has been sitting for 2 years in Miami back on the road and shipped up to DC.

      The current list of things to be completed will be:
      1) New...
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