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      still for sale?

      just checkin' - lookin' to pick up another R32 in the next two weeks...
    2. no worries yo

      i completely understand. i shoulda bought a used R32 last year, but i went with the Subaru 'cuz it's more economical. but it's so not fun =/

      g'luck with your hunt!
    3. still FT? 2012 Subaru Impreza 5sp for your R32

      since your thread is a feeler i thought i would throw my feeler out there and ask you if you are willing to downgrade. mine is a four door sedan and black; sorry it was the only color available at...
    4. just tossin' it out there...

      i know you've listed it as for sale, but you said you're lookin' to buy a Honda Civic 'cuz of finances...

      i just got a 2012 Subaru Impreza base model, 5 sp manual, no mods, maintained and driven...
    5. interested - still for sale?

      Hello GP,

      I'm also in MN and am looking to get a car. I'm debating between another R32 or a new Honda or Hyundai or some other econo-car...

      Is your R still for sale? About the light that is out...
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      thanks bro! what else shares the same wheel...

      thanks bro!

      what else shares the same wheel base? if i can salvage the engine and drivetrain maybe i can build my own corrado golf-kart...
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      good good! and i replied yur msg =D

      good good! and i replied yur msg =D
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      another OLD TIMER bites the dust??

      turbo you're going away too?? we're loosing all the forum posters, although i can't speak 'cuz i'm hardly on...

      is yours still on the market? please give me any info as i...
    9. you put it up a year ago...

      is she still for sale?

      please fill me in on the details! i just lost mine tonite, so i'm gathering a list of options - yur CW looks uber-clean - maybe it's the photographer,...
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      CW looks good

      your ride looks nice, and points for concision of advert. i will keep you on my list when i seek to replace my totalled baby...
    11. i want it

      same car - new owner selling it...

      i want it... maybe my insurance will upgrade me from my total....
    12. Replies

      nice ride

      mkvizzle!! i've seen yur posts - sad to see you go. seems we all are diggin' either out this hole or that one eh?

      well my baby was sideswiped tonite - maybe our fortunes can both turn around?
    13. still for sale?

      here's me :

      my DBP baby was just sideswiped on the highway only a few hours ago - i'm lookin' to get the same car back, and CW was my first choice. please fill me in on the...
    14. still there?

      my email is :

      i would like more info please - my baby was just totalled tonite on the highway (not my fault).

      btw nice pics
    15. Replies

      another one bites the dust


      sorry if there is a thread with the destroyed R's...

      number 4815/5000, my DBP '08 R32, was sideswiped on the highway tonite. it looks totalled - no way the repairs will cost less than...
    16. Re: FV-QR (Rockness)

      <TABLE WIDTH="90%" CELLSPACING=0 CELLPADDING=0 ALIGN=CENTER><TR><TD><i>Quote, originally posted by <b>Rockness</b> &raquo;</i></TD></TR><TR><TD CLASS="quote"> ... and once again, the toggles on the...
    17. Re: Nebulizer II - Project Halo: Velocity Motorsports (TBT-Syncro)

      thunderbunny DOES look awesome!! it def distinguishes the R - too bad i need front plates here... sticking a plate would ruin the clean-ness.<p>SICK CW R <IMG NAME="icon"...
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      Re: (isdereks)

      oh man! before i got my DBP used i found a new CW at a dealership but it had been repaired from a hail storm. i hope yours comes out like new!!
    19. Thread: oops

      by teh_admiral

      Re: (PSU)

      awww dood... <IMG NAME="icon" SRC="" BORDER="0"> <p>i did something similar to my MkIV...<p>good luck w/repairs! and repair costs...
    20. Replies

      Re: (AHB900)

      dood sorry about TWO lost dubs!! hope you don't have to hobble for a long time!! that's incredibly messed up, and by a Scion no less...<p>IT'S NOT A BLOODY RACECAR - it's a SCION<p>glad you were...
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