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    1. Sticky: Re: Ipod volume question (titleist1976)

      Quote, originally posted by titleist1976 »

      Is there any jailbreak to 1.1.2 yet?
      Has anyone customized the phone to make the bluetooth activation more accessible than what is normal? ...
    2. Re: FS: Passat Syncro rear floorpan and gas tank, $150 OBO (punkassjim)
    3. Replies

      Re: FS: early driver and passenger airbag (punkassjim) http://**********************/smile/emthup.gif
    4. Re: (Gibson5469)

      Quote, originally posted by 98gti77 »

      grats dude...i followed up your Progression thread for still plan on auto crossin that bad larry?

      did someone say bad larry?...
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      Re: @ punkassjim (FastPanda)

      HAHAHAHA, this thread needs more cowbell. Damn, I can't believe I never saw this.
      It was nice meeting you too Evan, and I can't wait to get the car done so it's a little more presentable next time...
    6. Re: (koston.)

      Quote, originally posted by koston. »

      I hate you because of your votex rally grill and ATS type 10's... ...
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      Re: (YuenglingMike67)

      Quote, originally posted by YuenglingMike67 »

      just get a late cabrio steering column cover. it should cover that hole, because in that car the hazard is on the dash

      That's not the...
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      Re: (VR6NH)

      Quote, originally posted by VR6NH »

      The early 4 spoke MK4 GLI steering wheels fit our cars... I do know that. Im not sure if thats it though.

      Every mk4 steering wheel will fit...
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      Re: (nikocb)

      That's not a mk4 steering column. See the hazard switch? The mk4 steering wheels don't fit right, as there's a big gap back near where the airbag clock spring would be.
    10. Re: (Misael)

      Quote, originally posted by Misael »

      nice find.. but imagine tryin to order from them.

      Not only that, but I don't even believe their product works with just any mk4/TT...
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      Re: (LedJetta)

      Ethan's getting grumpy in his old age.
    12. Re: where to purchase new carpet and insulation (punkasslarry)

      BTW, if you're interested in a USED black carpet in pretty good condition, please call NGP at 410-994-0000. We just received a bunch of black mk3 carpets from european cars we had parted, and they're...
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      Re: blue mk3(s) (LedJetta)

      The only way to fly...
      I like it because I didn't imagine anyone would ever do something like that, and it...
    14. Re: where to purchase new carpet and insulation (richard the pundit)

      Get the carpet from the dealerhip for a 2001 Cabrio. It'll cost about $120. If you tell them '96 Golf CL, the price will be much higher. The cabrio carpet will come with the nipples to mount the...
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      Re: Big thumbs down to BFI customer service (Silver_MK2T)

      Quote, originally posted by Silver_MK2T »

      http://**********************/smile/emthdown.gif for BFI. Not being in the civilised world, getting performance parts is not easy. BFI refused to...
    16. Re: Could I be the first in north america to have this grill? (charlesk)

      Quote, originally posted by charlesk »

      Fabing that grill would take hella work to make it perfect if i had more skill id try but might as well save my self the hair pulling, teeth pulling...
    17. Re: (corrado1013)

      Quote, originally posted by corrado1013 »

      Don't some years only have a keyhole on the drivers side?

      tee-hee. I'm a silly goose sometimes. ...
    18. Re: (Ginster17)

      Quote, originally posted by Ginster17 »

      import parts authority has new handles with keys for $22 made by hella!!!!

      If you wicked wanna have a different key for your door and...
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      Re: (turbodom09)

      Quote, originally posted by ThatGuy »

      i'll agree with you on that, but i bet if you ask the guy who originally posted this if he wishes he would have shaved a 1/16 of an inch off to make...
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      Re: Ok Lets See your most unique mod (DTMVDUB)

      Quote, originally posted by DTMVDUB »

      That is unique and looks good a brave thing to say considering that you haven't seen every modded mk3 in the world, haven't seen every VW mag...
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