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      1,816 ...

      Sort of disappointing, the FX4 trim level was my favorite. It's a great looking package.
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      TT Gallardo scam, interesting read inside!

      Saw this on Facebook.....enjoy!

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    3. Visiting Kansas City -- Where to Stay, What to Do?

      Oklahoma joes is fantastic. All the suggestions so far are good ones. If you're staying downtown there's a great bar called johns big DECK. It's a rooftop bar on top of a building downtown. It's...
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      Local to me, spotted at the local Twin Peaks.

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      Re: my little pony got some new shoes..

      This..... That red and black alone will look awesome.
    6. Veritable road blocks for donations accepted. Why is this legal?

      Lol....this. I have to respond to EMS calls as well though, I show up, gather my info and leave.

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    7. Young bride dies in crash while taking selfie

      Edited, I felt bad posting the pics from the deceased girls FB.
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      Insane Audi A4 with valve controlled exhaust

      Imma let you finish vanessawild but I can't hear you over this American baddassery.......

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    9. Toyota Launches Limited Service Campaign to Handle 2nd Gen Tacoma Frame Rust

      It's an issue on 4th gen 4runners.

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    10. And they aren't including States that see ample...

      And they aren't including States that see ample snow fall and use of salt either. Also let's say someone bought their truck used or moved and now lives somewhere in the south, are they excluded as...
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      It's WRX Time! Traded the Jetta.

      OP, I'm jealous. Been eye-balling these lately and they are growing on me daily. Knowing what you paid only makes me want one more. My wife graduates school in December and said I can start car...
    12. Not sure if there are any Chivers among us on TCL...

      If you look closely you can see the BFM sticker on the back of my old 4runner.


      Edit: not sure why that pic is so awful quality wise.
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      Camry torque convertor shortage??

      Oddly enough, the tranny went tits up in my 2012 Camry at 22k. There was a delay when shifting from reverse to drive and the dealer wanted to replace the whole tranny to be safe. I had to wait about...
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      Deep thoughts, with the car lounge

      You poop on your car seats, that would be my assumption.

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      Re: Post pics of your last purchase

      Nice bike, oh and your 4runner has a camry dent! :beer:

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    16. Manufacturer warranties and suspension mods

      I just had the transmission replaced in my 2012 Camry under the bumper to bumper warranty. The dealer commented on how it was lowered and asked how it rode yet never said anything about the warranty...
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      Post pics of your last purchase

      Or this strap for my newest watch. Been wanting a worn leather step for awhile and saw one made out of an old baseball glove so I had to have it.
    18. Re: Jeep continues to refine Cherokee/200 9-speed transmission

      This zf 8 speed comes in a slew of new Chrysler and Jeeps correct? I've had my eye on a 2014 grand cherokee laredo and am looking forward to driving one with this transmission.

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      Love it! Congrats! Sent from my SCH-I545 using...

      Love it! Congrats!

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    20. Got that ghost cam idle now...holler at ya boy!

      Some of you guys have never put playing cards in your bicycle spokes I take it.......

      Sounds fantastic OP.

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