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    1. Yes and No: yes: no:...

      Yes and No:

      no: host/provider currently reshuffling their computer, website down

      yes: Amazon store:

      yes: Ebay store:...
    2. Windowregulator Repair Clips vs. Metal Bracket Golf MK4

      My manufacturers in Europe only make the metal bracket clip for the Golf MK4; not for the Passat (or Beetle, A4, A6, A8, Bimmer, Jaguar, Saab, Volve, Ford, GM, etc. for that matter).

      I stock both,...
    3. Very unusual for clips to just come off....

      Very unusual for clips to just come off. Hopefully, your saving $15 for the clips is worth the $50 in blood sweat and tears to take the door panels/regulator off down the road.
      The clips fail from...
    4. Links broken

      This is such a valuable tool!
      Just a shame that the links are (all?) broken and not working anymore.
      Maybe some have info and re-link?
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      What is meant by a 5 lb spring? Spring rate of 5...

      What is meant by a 5 lb spring? Spring rate of 5 lb/inch?
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      S Type

      No so much cheaper for domestic cars (parts and labor).
      2003 A5 quote dealer for front left: $570.

      S type clips here (front: comes in pairs; 1 pair for front left, 1 pair for front right; rears...
    7. I think this is 2009-2011 year models.

      I think this is 2009-2011 year models.
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      ditto here.

      ditto here.
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      Nozzle sizing - dual nozzle setup

      Hard to believe that this is still to large extend a 'mystery' field (considering how many water/meth injected cars are out there).
      What ARE the variables we are dealing with here?
      Pump pressure,...
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      Nice. To replicate your setup: what spring(s) DID...

      Nice. To replicate your setup: what spring(s) DID you use? If not spring rate (N/m, lbs/inch) is available, maybe hang a weight on the spring and measure the resulting extension?

      I am shooting for...
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      APR R1 - maintenance free

      APR R1 maintenance free: take off your car, call them, get return authorization number, get shipping address, package, ship to APR. Wait. Receive fixed R1. Install.
      Forge style alu maintenance: take...
    12. Missing photo link

      Anybody by chance saved the photo/graph?
      Link not working anymore.
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      Wastegate crack open pressure

      Couldn't find it in the pages of this thread:
      Has anybody bothered to actually MEASURE the cracking pressure of the modified setup?
      Most stock actuators (installed, preloaded) crack around 4 psi.
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      Nozzle sizing - dual nozzle setup

      I decided on DevilsOwn 5002 with dual nozzle setup to accomplish 2 goals for my 2 cars:
      Audi B6 A4 1.8T, 350-400 cHP, 550cc injectors, 22 psi to 7200 redline. Running 'blue' washer fluid.

    15. Audi SAI pump (2.7T, A6, S4, B6 A4 1.8T) $75 shipped (US)

      I have SAI pump in good used working condition.
      Removed from running engines as part of the upgrade/cleanup process and custom tunes that delete the SAI.

      From what I can tell, fits B6 A4 1.8T,...
    16. VCDS NOT working on generic OBD2 cars?

      Surprise (if true) that VCDS cannot be used as a generic OBD2 scanner on non VAG cars?
      I thought OBD2 is a STANDARD?
    17. 630 Uni tune

      What ECU/engine? 557P/AEB?
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      WTB: AEB heads, built blocks

      Looking for heads:
      a) used AEB
      b) rebuild AEB (valves, springs)
      c) built AEB (stainless exhaust valves, new springs)
      d) build 1.8T blocks (rods, bearings)

      shipped to MI
    19. Door Lock repair

      I only stock the repair kit (, but was recently contacted if I had the item 17 in the schematic below.
      Anyone have a photo of this...
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      Thumbs up! Also hate those 'why do you not just...

      Thumbs up! Also hate those 'why do you not just buy the xyz kit from abc company for a gazillion dineros' (when asked about input on a DIY mod/improvement/upgrade).
      IMO: Answer the question, or...
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