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    1. HELP. Is the VW Dealer lying? 2009 4Motion with DSG???

      I have a 2009 2.0T CC Sport FWD 6-Spd and since I picked up snowboarding I wanted to trade up to a 4-Motion VR6 CC with DSG. To my knowledge ONLY 2010 VR6 4-Motion CCs come with DSG, but the DEALER...
    2. Re: FV-QR (TheRodfather)

      Yea man the CF roof would involve cutting into my car's sheet metal, removing the entire roof, replacing it with CF professionally, and my friend has an 08 M3 with a stock CF roof which is ****ing...
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      Re: APR ECU Upgrade Done (steve346)

      So if you want to switch it back to stock, what do you do? Is there a switch or an adapter that you can connect? Just in case you have to bring it in for warranty service. Or do you have to get it...
    4. Always liked limo tint on a white car. H&R springs all settled in.

      Should I gloss black the roof? Someone suggested that to me. What about a matte black roof? Looks like the H&R springs are settling nicely also.
    5. Re: FV-QR (Arin@APR)

      Wow it doesn't void warranty? Is it pretty simple to install myself? I've installed many intakes before, but not on a 2009 car. Does it come with detailed installation instructions? What kind of...
    6. 1981 Scirocco S possibly for sale. Euro bumpers, Euro headlights, Zender, Coils, ETC...
      I hate to do it, but my beloved 1981 Scirocco S is possibly for sale in the SF Bay Area. Check it out.
    7. Re: (surfer459)

      Quote, originally posted by surfer459 »

      Nobody is on springs? I want to see what the ride height is on H&R sports???

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      Re: (deville)

      The H&R Sport Springs I got ROCK! Did you get them yet? The H&R Swaybars really tighten things up too.
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      Re: (GR8CAR)

      Quote, originally posted by GR8CAR »
      these are mine, just...
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      Re: Post pics of modified CCs (BAGGEDDUBS)
    11. Re: FV-QR (Arin@APR)

      I want one of these now! hehe. I'll definitely let you know when I'm going to order. Totally voids your warranty right? Would the dealer be able to detect somehow that an aftermarket intake was...
    12. Re: My White CC Sport w/ 20" Rays forged wheels and H&R springs (VW PAUL)

      Quote, originally posted by VW PAUL »

      Nice CC but I spy with my eye in the 2nd pic a Overfinch S/C Range Rover...anymore pics of that bad boy???
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      Re: H&R Sport or Eibach Pro Kit (Shystee)
      here's a new pic of the fender "flushness" or lack thereof. I think it looks great, and it...
    14. Re: (JonnyQ97)

      Awesome it is slightly lower in this picture than when I first got it lowered a few days ago.
    15. Re: (Veedubin02)
      Here's the pic of the flushness or lack thereof. Maybe not perfectly flush, but pretty...
    16. Re: (Veedubin02)

      Quote, originally posted by Veedubin02 »

      Yeah i am actually going to test fit some 8mm today I am just confused.can you take a pic down the side of the car? I want to see the flushness.
    17. Re: (Veedubin02)

      Quote, originally posted by Veedubin02 »

      I dont get it, my wheels dont sit flush with both fenders like it looks like yours do. My front are farther in than my rears and I have rotated the...
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      Re: H&R Sport or Eibach Pro Kit (deville)

      Just letting you guys know I have one of those gutter/drain kinda driveways to enter my garage and it scrapes the hell out of my 993 so I had to stick a big 2x4 in the dip.
      The CC lowered on H&R...
    19. I just want to thank you guys for the compliments...

      I just want to thank you guys for the compliments and being open minded in regard to my wheels. I know they are Japanese-made wheels, and I was thinking the first thing I'd hear is "Why'd you put...
    20. Re: (56nomad56)

      Quote, originally posted by 56nomad56 »

      I like it not dropped to the ground. I'd rather people associate my car with a CLS (classy) than some rich kid's GTI, so I won't lower mine if I do...
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