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    1. Odd CEL but car seems to run fine (01 Audi TT 225)

      I have an 01 Audi TT 225 with about 94k on it...
      A couple of days ago I started my car and my CEL came on. I have a scangaugeII hooked up and checked the code immediately...
      P0343 "Camshaft...
    2. Re: (GimmeaTT)

      I pieced it all together... upon getting rid of the n249 I stumbled across a hose that popped off UNDER the intake manifold.
      I greatly appreciate all the help!
    3. Not sure if this is the best place to ask, but it seems fitting. Looking for evaporator drain. TT

      Where does the ac evaporator drain come out on a TT?
      I know mine is clogged.
    4. Re: (GimmeaTT)

      Just got a p1136 code too.

      If that helps.
      I'm eliminating the P249 tonight, I'm pretty sure its a leak and I'm just not seeing it.
    5. UPDATE: On the way to work today the car boosted...

      UPDATE: On the way to work today the car boosted normally, but the flutter still happens instead of the normal "woosh"
    6. Re: Ugh, did a mix of 91 oct and 100 and my car is fluttering and 1/2 boost. (jbutlertelecom)

      I'm pretty sure its something in the n249... I'll mess with it tomorrow, I'm going to eliminate it.
      Hopefully this fixes it. If not, oh well, I planned on doing it anyway.
    7. Re: (The*Fall*Guy)

      I'm going to eliminate my n249 tomorrow night. Nothing but trouble anyway... I'll see if that magically fixes my issue.
    8. Re: (Budsdubbin)

      If I compressed the piston and put my finger on top of the nipple and it was holding the pressure, is that essentially the same thing?

      FYI, on a whim I just reversed the DV just to see if it did...
    9. Re: (GimmeaTT)

      Would a sound clip help anyone out?
    10. Re: (Bryan on Boost)

      First off, I appreciate the reply...
      Yeah, its definitely unleaded... I've done this several times before. This time something let go, and I just can't figure out what it is... The car runs exactly...
    11. Re: Ugh, did a mix of 91 oct and 100 and my car is fluttering and 1/2 boost. (GimmeaTT)

      No ideas?
      I'll go poke around under the hood a little longer and look for popped hoses... I just don't even know where to start, I'm not extremely car saavy EXPECIALLY when it comes to vac lines. I...
    12. Ugh, did a mix of 91 oct and 100 and my car is fluttering and 1/2 boost.

      I have an 01 225 TT.
      The gas in my area sucks and today I decided to mix about 5 gallons of 100 octane with the typical 91. I'm dynoing my car tomorrow.
      Anyway, I get on the highway and give it a...
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      Re: FS: OEM TT Tail Lights (GTeyeeee)

      Consider them sold!
      Email me man!
    14. Re: 1984 Jetta 1.9 liter stroker motor, cool car. (Vegeta Gti)

      Yes. Automatic transmission.

      I'm about 4 hours from St. Louis, not sure how far from Chicago.

      As for the "brains of the opperation" comment. Sorry my description wasn't up to your expectations....
    15. 1984 Jetta 1.9 liter stroker motor, cool car.

      I juuuust bought this car. I purchased a house too, and it was dumb for me to buy this car.
      I paid 1500 dollars. I bought it from an older guy (probably 50) in Kansas City, MO.
      Really cool guy....
    16. Re: (Blue20thAE)

      I may think about that... those are pretty sweet.
      How are the tires?!

      The LM reps are ALT Tangents.

      Email me some details if you don't mind.
    17. FS: 4 Flick artics w/ tires one bad wheel, one bad tire. AND STERN ST2's read inside...

      No pictures, wheels are in good shape, 2 are pretty much perfect aside from some KILLER clearcoat peel. (They are black with polished lips) they look like ass due to the peel.
      I'm just gauging...
    18. WTT: BBS LM REPS (Brand new w/ tires) for ... anything?!

      To be honest, these wheels were just not what I was expecting.
      I spent quite a bit and I'm not looking to get my money back, its gone, I'm just looking for a good trade.
      The wheels have less than...
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      Re: DV for TRADE/TRADE+$ only. (GimmeaTT)

      S!@# Could a mod move this to the other section. I'm sorry.
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      DV for TRADE/TRADE+$ only.

      I have a Forge SPLITTER DV, its the new one that acts as a BOV and a DV, it works flawlessly, but it just isn't my thing, its too loud and my girlfriend hurt my ego by saying my car sounds...
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