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    1. hey, thanks for the help. I really appreciate it...

      hey, thanks for the help. I really appreciate it a lot.

    2. wheel fitment on a GTI is the same as a GLI, correct?

      I'm just trying to get a straight answer. Every generation prior to this one has been pretty much interchangable, but it doesnt seem to be so cut and dry this time around.

      I'm trying to figure...
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      So I've been looking at getting a set of grids. ...

      So I've been looking at getting a set of grids. I'd like to do 9.5" in the front. The only come with a et38 in the 5x112 pattern. Will that fit without any fender rolling? If not will fender...
    4. anyone know what the smallest diameter wheel that fits?

      Im just curious about how big the brakes are and if my 16" snow wheels will be able to fit. If not I'm going to be giving them to a friend

      Also, the bolt pattern is 5x112 right?
    5. Are the Jetta, GLI, Golf, and GTI side view mirrors the same?

      Swerved to avoid a cat and my passenger side view mirror smashed into someones garbage can. Must have been throwing away cement or something, but I'm hoping they're all interchangeable. They look...
    6. ok, thats what i keep pressure on...

      ok, thats what i keep pressure on the column i would assume

      thank you
    7. steering wheel stopped working, random spring found at my feet?????

      the steering column popped off of the piece that connects to the steering rack near the firewall under the driver side dash. i know how to reconnect those two pieces, but i dont know where this...
    8. FS: CW Rabbit Front Bumper/Rad Support - Rabbit/GTI Rear Euro top Bumper - OEM GTI Front Lip - OEM GTI Rear Bumper - OEM MKV Suspension

      Candy White Rabbit Front Bumper w/ Radiator Support - SOLD

      MKV Rabbit/GTI Euro Bumper (top piece - unpainted) - SOLD

      OEM MKV GTI Front Lip - make me an offer...
    9. FV-QR

      updating thread in case any one in the future has the issue and is searching for answers

      it was part 1J0-711-256 and it was about $50 from the dealership....I was in a pinch so I had to buy...
    10. FV-QR

      i dont think thats my problem, but i appreciate you posting the picture.

      the thing the yellow arrow is pointing at in this's not there on my car....its completely gone

    11. FV-QR

      picture would be great...ive been doing some searching and im pretty sure its the plastic peice that connects to the top piece of the linkage, i can manually put it into reverse via the engine bay...
    12. reverse acting like first, first acting like 2nd or 3rd...5th acting like 3rd or 2nd....

      so i was making a u turn in a narrow parking lot and didnt have enough room to make it, so i put it in reverse (or so i thougt) and i went forward. I hit my brakes, put it in reverse and then back...
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      thats all it really needs, i'd throw in an...

      thats all it really needs, i'd throw in an exhaust, intake, and chip as well personally...maybe some tint too.
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      cant wait to do something similar to mine
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      i disagree. I had a dsg mk5 as well and loved...

      i disagree. I had a dsg mk5 as well and loved it, but it got boring. Despite that though, a manual is a lot easier to maintain. I can change my own clutch if I had to. I can't do that with a dsg....
    16. Thread: MK7 Golf R

      by ZoomBy


      i got into my mk6 lease for 3 years expecting the next R to be here in 2016 so I'm looking forward to it. I'd prefer it to be 2015 though so I can buy a slightly used one and save a few thousand
    17. Thread: MK7 Golf R

      by ZoomBy

      I want this car. In black. Manual preferably,...

      I want this car. In black. Manual preferably, but we all know that won't happen....ugh

      did you know that words like "cool" or "sick" don't always mean cold to the touch or...
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      Some questions about mk6 jetta set ups...

      Do the mkv suspension peices bolt onto the jettas? Particularity the 2013 GLI's?

      Also, is there any modification to the car (i.e. cutting) that needs to be performed in order for the suspension...
    19. best color wheel to go along with a red car...AKA pic request thread....

      Black, white, silver, polished. They're all great. Gold is ok too, but I'm not a huge fan.

      Basically I got a new jetta that is red and I'm considering the wheel colors. The car is too new for...
    20. Thread: 2013 trends

      by ZoomBy


      Custom paint is my prediction.

      with most mk4's paid for (or at least very inexpensive) everyone already has expensive wheels and airride. Only high price item left is custom paint. These colors...
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