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      *birdwalk from thread* The jeep project is...

      *birdwalk from thread*
      The jeep project is highly possible. One of my BFF's has a 93 2door that I sold him years ago. Good shape, but he blew the headgasket on the 2.5l again, so he is done with it....
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      Yes!! I sure as sh!t haven't considered buying one, but they are awesome. At that price though...I could do a lot of other thangs with that chunk of change. I think I would have to lean towards...
    3. FV-QR

      Maybe my reluctance to let it go is overly obvious and it scares people off? Haha I would really prefer it go to someone I know anyways, but time will tell. If I didn't have to break bread on the...
    4. I think most cast ebay exhaust manifolds are the...

      I think most cast ebay exhaust manifolds are the same, with the exception of SPA. Not sure how many of those were designed with the counterflow head in mind, but they have several different designs....
    5. FV-QR

      bump from the dead. I still need to finish a few things before someone can drive it away, but I am probing for interest :beer:
    6. FV-QR

      Not sure the next size up, but I just tried to put a piece of 5/16 fuel line on it, and it would have been a tight fit. So whatever size typically comes after that :) micrometer says 0.38" on the...
    7. FV-QR

      That is the way the tank behaved in my old cabby, and it drove me crazy. I use a 78 diesel tank for my gasser. As far as I can recall, it is two gallons larger and I have definitely never had the...
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      It's sad that the go-to "repair" for a CIS issue is to just delete CIS :( Too bad you can't just go backwards to CIS basic. THAT would be the easy solution. Stupid smog :/
    9. FV-QR

    10. FV-QR

      I also have a volvo WUR with vacuum nipples that I can include for a total of $120 shipped.The WUR has been taken apart, but not damaged. Ran fine when installed, but was going to make it into an...
    11. FS: Volvo turbo CIS fuel distributor, metering plate, and cobra boot

      Every time I gather CIS parts for a turbo build, I sit on them for months before realizing...I am never going to start a turbo build :(

      I have never run it. Member that I purchased it from removed...
    13. Price drop

      Price drop
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      Thanks Matt. Nobody goes down this road with an early rabbit because it is taboo. It SHOULD be restored and built to OG specs I suppose, but it won't be. Unfortunately for the rabbit, it will live...
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      AGHH!!1000xYES to the caddy with the standup in...

      AGHH!!1000xYES to the caddy with the standup in the back! :x
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      Wow! Gnarly to realize how long it has been since I updated! Holy cow!

      Thanks for the extra alignment tips. I have always done a pre-alignment before taking it to a shop. Although I always...
    17. FV-QR

      forgot I had this boxed up. Last chance to buy it as is.
    18. FV-QR

    19. FV-QR

      Back ttt. Moving everything to my new garage, and I would rather see these go on someones car than hanging on my wall :beer:
    20. FV-QR

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