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      Hi Guys - The rear heater works totally fine....

      Hi Guys - The rear heater works totally fine. Also, the heat in the front gives up pretty much right away when you start moving (even going slow in the city).
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      It's an MV Weekender

      It's an MV Weekender
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      2002 Eurovan - No Heat

      I've had an issue with my '02 EV for some time now, and seeing as how it's summer it is probably the time to start looking into my problem again :). The issue is heat, or lack thereof. When the van...
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      02 Eurovan Cosmetic Trim Issue

      Anyone know of a economical way to fix the issue with the black trim seen in these pictures? It's minor and only cosmetic, but it's one of those things that I would like to fix or at least cover up...
    5. WTB: 2002 Eurovan 24V VR6 AXK Engine Wiring Harness

      Title says it all. My current one is severely damaged so I need a good replacement. Thanks.
    6. New '02 EV - what steps to zero out maintenance?

      I recently bought an '02 EV but I know virtually nothing about the maintenance history. Are there some clear steps I should take to "zero out" the maintenance history so I can start from scratch? I...
    7. Hopefully this helps someone in the future, but...

      Hopefully this helps someone in the future, but thanks to Audi Tony (above) and my mechanic we were able to determine that the source cause was most likely the vehicle speed sensor (replaced that and...
    8. I can't believe I'm reading this - this is...

      I can't believe I'm reading this - this is literally the exact same problem I'm having with my 2002 Eurovan MV. After running for maybe an hour, the speedometer starts going crazy. Maybe 10-15...
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