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    1. Car jerks to the right under medium to heavy acceleration

      !997 VW Jetta 2.0 lL. Kind of scary driving a car the intermittently moves to the right by itself. Any time you accelerate medium to hard the car will move intermittently mostly right. My son said...
    2. Wheel Hub Only

      I only need to replace the wheel hub. Can I just use a puller to remove the wheel hub and replace? Thanks, Scott
    3. Removing the forward bolt on the Control Arm

      I have found that while changing out the front struts I could see the bushings were torn up on both sides. To remove the Control Arm on the drivers side it looks like I will have to drop the auto...
    4. Replies

      Re: (BoostedDubVR6T420)

      I have a similar problem removing my control arm on the drivers side. The Automatic transaxle pan is in the way of removing the top bushing bolt. Will loosing up the motor mounts give enough room to...
    5. Re: What is the screw on the engine going to? (Anony00GT)

      Thanks for the info. This car has been like a onion. Every time I work on it I see something someone took a short cut on,
    6. What is the screw on the engine going to?

      1997 Jetta 2.0L. My son just bought this car and I found this. Is the screw going into the dipstick area for the auto transaxle?
      I want to remove the screw and repair or replace any damage the...
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