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    Thread: Car Doesn't Start, just "clicks" RAPIDLY

    1. 09-24-2001 06:00 PM #1
      Hey guys, 2 weeks ago i moved my car like 30 feet to the driveway to wash the car and 2 hours later when i finished, i went in the car to drive it back in and the car wouldn't start! BUT IT DID HAVE ELECTRICITIY. Lights worked well, radio, etc, but what would happen when i turned the ignition was just clicking really quick, i hooked up jumper cables and didn't even give it 5 seconds to "charge", the car started out fine.. I wasn't really afraid of a major problem because i've read be4 of our cars not starting after they moved it quick for a wash.
      BUT this morning, i woke up late and was in a rush to get to school, and guess what, i wouldn't start again!! (the 1st time it happened was 2 weeks ago) This time i was surprised and damn i didn't know what the hell it was. The thing just clicked, oh yea i forgot to say the idiot lights also blinked w/ the clicking and MAF display shows innacurate temp. readings while trying to start it. I told my neighbor and he came and we hooked it up. He hooked up the cable and i was in teh car... i gave it just 5 seconds and it started up fine.
      I told my friend, who knows LOTS about cars, that it could be my starter, not the battery... hmmm.. has this happened to anybody? anyway around it w/out taking it to service? exactly WHERE is the starter anyway on my 1.8t passat?

    2. 09-24-2001 06:12 PM #2
      I've had this happen a few times on different cars and it was usually because of a weak battery... the battery can have enough power to turn on lights, stereo, etc., but not enough to fully crank the starter. Starts require a lot of juice, much more than other electronics, and I think it just clicks when the battery has a weak charge.
      The fact that this happened sometime around a washing suggests that there might be a bit of water someplace or some kind of short? Not an electrical engineer... Three things to check - battery, alternator (not charging the battery enough), starter.

    3. 09-24-2001 07:45 PM #3
      Sounds like it's battery replacing time.
      But first, check for corrosion on your battery cables. Take them off the battery (disconnect the ground cable first, and reconnect it last, so when your wrench slips you don't get any ugly sparks!), clean with a little sandpaper, and replace. If you're lucky, this will fix the problem.

    4. 09-24-2001 08:17 PM #4
      Perhaps it's the engine speed sensor located on the ECU... I had mine replaced after it would not start one day (@ 800+miles). I finally got it started by rolling the vehicle backwards with the clutch engaged and then restarting it. The next day I took it to the dealer and they ran all kinds of diagnostics. They concluded it was the Engine Speed Sensor. Replaced under warranty, it never had a failure-to-start since. Take it in and have the dealer take a look!

    5. 09-24-2001 09:19 PM #5
      I have a tendency to agree with others about the battery. I've had more than one mechanic tell me that you're lucky to get 3 years out of a battery, especially if the car has lots of power options. I've had the same problem with cars clicking and on some have had luck with cleaning battery terminal connections. I've even had the exact problem with a car that had battery cable corrision inside the cable sheath. Anyways, a battery is a fairly simple option to check first before other costly options.

    6. 09-24-2001 09:34 PM #6
      As with the others, it's probably the battery. If it started fine with a jump, that's where I'd start. VW batteries are not the best.

    7. Former Advertiser
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      Feb 15th, 2001
      09-24-2001 11:21 PM #7
      Volkswagen does not make batteries...they buy them just like we do, only
      more of them!!!
      This 98 Passat was purchased used in Dec. of 00...This is Sept. of 01!!!
      As has been said...Time for a new Die Hard

    8. Member matt007's Avatar
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      May 15th, 2001
      65 Mustang 289, 81 SLC500, 84 911LS1
      09-25-2001 01:30 AM #8
      Get an Optima battery if you can afford it.

    9. 09-25-2001 01:32 AM #9
      I need to check the dates on battery, i THINK my mechanic replaced it a few months ago, i dont remember the case tho... hmm, i'll see what happens, that's why i'm hesitant on changing hte battery, i think it's been replaced not too long ago. i'll check out for corrosion tomorrow, thanks guys!

    10. 09-25-2001 06:28 AM #10
      It could be the battery, BUT, it could be the engine control module..have the dealer run diagnostics, rather than throw parts ar it willy nilly. I had a 1.8T Golf act like a bad battery, the car was too new...it was the engine control module. It was fixed under warranty, nver failed again.

    11. Member Bartnik's Avatar
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      Oct 26th, 2000
      1965 Volkswagen 1500 Variant S; 2000 Kawasaki W650
      09-25-2001 09:06 AM #11
      Dead/weak battery.

    12. 09-25-2001 01:23 PM #12
      Dude, just an FYI, leaving the 2 batteries connected does not charge the jumpee's battery no matter how long you leave them connected.

    13. Member Bartnik's Avatar
      Join Date
      Oct 26th, 2000
      1965 Volkswagen 1500 Variant S; 2000 Kawasaki W650
      09-25-2001 01:29 PM #13
      Actually it does.
      But it also discharges the "good" battery until both batteries reach an equilibrium with each other. The charge will flow from the battery with a higher state of charge to the battery with the lower state of charge until both are equally charged or discharged.
      If what you said was true, battery chargers and alternators wouldn't work either.
      Dude, just an FYI, leaving the 2 batteries connected does not charge the jumpee's battery no matter how long you leave them connected.

    14. Member andyA6's Avatar
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      Nov 10th, 2000
      '13 Audi A4, '14 Boxster, '15 BMW I3, '13 Q5
      09-25-2001 03:32 PM #14
      Tend to agree with dead battery, had that happen to me several times on several cars, what I've done: Pep Boys or Autozone, they check the battery, if dead I bought a new one with lifetime warranty.
      Keep right except to pass!

    15. 09-30-2001 07:54 PM #15
      I just checked the battery down at autozone... it was giving something like 6 volts w/ the battery out of the car
      the car is really horrible now, leave it alone for a few hours and it needs to be jumped to start. I did it like 7 times already in the past few days... i'll be getting the battery tomorrow or tuesday, this car is not running good at all like this. It's only been 10 months w/ this battery too! piece of crap.

    16. Former Advertiser
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      Feb 15th, 2001
      09-30-2001 09:40 PM #16
      By the way...*Diehard* was a figure of speech; not necessarily a product endorsement...I would also suggest that you have your alternator checked

    17. 09-30-2001 09:41 PM #17
      Same happened w/BMW Conv only battery dead over a 7-12 days of no driving. Jump started from other car no problem. Went to Sears and got new battery installed since Good Year did not have one for BMW. Never had problem since.

    18. Member Red Baron Golf's Avatar
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      Jul 18th, 2000
      Ontario, Canada
      1995 VW Cabrio, 2011 Honda Odyseey Touring, 2015 Audi S3
      10-01-2001 01:36 PM #18
      Definitely the battery...but if it's not that old, you should get the entire charging / electrical system checked out. You may have a short or a bad ground fault or weak alternator.
      1995 VW Cabrio 5spd
      2011 Honda Odyssey Touring
      2016 VW Touareg Wolfsburg Edition

    19. 10-01-2001 04:54 PM #19
      I have the same problem. I just replaced the battery but with the old battery it would not start , lose memory etc...
      it stills idles rough and surges when cold bad.
      It is really the alternator OVERCHARGING the battery... it charges fine but when it overcharges the battery will eventually crack and can no longer hold a full charge. When i repolaced mine it was leaking fluid...
      I got a lifetime battery. I will keep it until i have to break down and buy the $400 alternator

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