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    Thread: Airbag Fault

    1. 11-14-2003 05:05 PM #1
      Has anyone else experienced an airbag fault and if so was the dealer able to find the problem? Mine occured about 3 weeks ago. V8,1200 miles. Problem was found to be a connector under the drivers seat for the drivers airbag. VW instructed the dealer to clean the connector. You guessed it, two days later and the fault was back. I asked the SA if the bag would work correctly in the unfortunate case of an accident and was told that all the airbags except the drivers would work as designed and that the drivers might or might not work.
      For the past 2 weeks the SA has been trying to get an answer from VW has to how to correct this problem but has gotten no response from VW.
      I like the vehicle, have been very happy with the dealer, but I am concerned about driving the car with a fault on a major safety feature. I am also a little concerned that any company would not make correcting this problem a top priority. I am not wishing bad luck on myself but can you imagine what would happen if this car got in an accident and the airbag didn't deploy?
      So anyway, has anyone had the problem and if so what was the fix?

    2. 11-14-2003 05:18 PM #2
      I heard of a Touareg airbag fault that was repaired at my local dealer. I think it was the sensor that was replaced.

    3. 11-14-2003 05:22 PM #3
      Haven't heard anything in here before but I think that 2 weeks is just WAY TOO LONG to wait for an answer. Especially on something as important as the airbag. Have you called the service department to see if they actually heard anything from VW or have they told you they'll call you when they heard from VW and you just haven't got the call yet??

    4. 11-14-2003 07:32 PM #4
      I call or email every other day. Agree that 2 weeks is way to long. According to the SA they did get an email back from VW with instructions on how to repair. They were not clear so they emailed back to VW for clarification. VW as of yesterday has not responded back to them.
      This is my first VW, so I am a little unsure of the process but it appears that on the Touareg directions for repair must come from VW via email. Does anyone know if that is correct?
      I am giving them til Monday afternoon and them I plan on calling VW.

    5. 11-14-2003 08:03 PM #5
      well for touaregs and phaetons, vw has setup a website (www.vwhub.com) for dealerships to get help "fast" when they are stumped and don't know how to solve something. They are supposed to get an answer from vwhub.com within 24-48 hours but that NEVER happens. The touareg is a new model for VW dealers and they have never seen anything as complex so they a very careful to not do anything they aren't sure of without VW's blessing. So to answer your question, yes, this is the process that plays out every time anyone takes their t-reg in for what seems like anything other than an oil change. The problem is VW isn't holding up their end of the deal in getting back to the dealerships in a timely manner.

    6. 11-14-2003 08:26 PM #6
      That makes sense. SA seems like a nice guy and is really trying. I think a call to VW on Monday afternoon is in order.

    7. 11-16-2003 12:25 AM #7
      You might want to discuss getting a loaner with a working airbag until they fix yours. That idea might inspire faster action.

    8. 11-17-2003 03:19 PM #8
      Phond dealer this AM. VW has called for the replacement of connectors for the drivers side airbag. SA is ordering a replacement airbag "just in case". Scheduled for Thursday AM. Will keep the board posted on outcome in case it happens to someone else.

    9. 11-20-2003 03:41 PM #9
      1 hour to fix. 4 connectors and a plug. So far so good. Excellent service from dealer today. 2500 miles and 2 minor problems. Airbag fault and trailer lights software. Other than that no issues. My answer to the short range on the remote is not to use it. Proximity senosr has worked flawlessly. Key gets near the car and everything unlocks.

    10. 01-27-2004 08:35 PM #10
      2200 miles, today had an "airbag fault." Might happenned after my wife hit a curb, not sure. Will call dealer in the morning. Wonder anyone else have this fault beside j2nh?

    11. 02-02-2004 09:21 AM #11
      Quote, originally posted by huyqp »
      2200 miles, today had an "airbag fault." Might happenned after my wife hit a curb, not sure. Will call dealer in the morning. Wonder anyone else have this fault beside j2nh?

      Yes, at 1,900 miles my Airbag fault sensor came on, for no apparent reason. I am calling my local VW dealer to schedule a repair. I'll let the post know what happens.

    12. 02-02-2004 09:51 AM #12
      Me 2.

    13. 02-02-2004 03:43 PM #13
      All Airbag fault posters ...what are your VIN nos around please...like 20,000 series only? All areat arounbd 1500-2500 miles.

    14. 02-05-2004 12:07 PM #14
      My Touareg has spent 4 of the past 5 weeks in the shop for just this problem. Dealership had problems figuring it out. Replaced the airbag first, 300 miles later same alert. This time they replaced the wire under the driver's seat and all has been well so far.
      They are sending me a check for two months worth of payments for my trouble.

    15. 02-05-2004 05:34 PM #15
      Airbag fault on Tuesday . The dealer returned the Treg Tuesday night. He said it was a bad connection under the seat.
      Thursday morning (today) - airbag fault again . The service mgr., who has been very responsive and accomodative, is calling VW central. I'm bringing the Treg back in on Monday .
      vin 31xxx.
      ~1600 miles.

    16. 02-18-2004 12:09 AM #16
      airbag fault over the weekend. 1000 miles; vin 43xxx.
      I'll bring it in tomorrow; dealer (who has sold a ton of T-regs) says they've seen it twice so far, with different root causes.
      I brought this thread back from purgatory ... all you previous posters (wait, you're not posters; are you poster people? postmen? poster children? ok, back on track with this sentence ), what have been the problems/fixes?

    17. 02-18-2004 11:33 PM #17
      Same thing happened to my wife's after approx 2k miles. Dealership said was a connector under the drivers seat. The Treg's got about 3.5k on it now and the airbag light has yet to return.
      04 Reflex Silver, P/A, Xenons, Conv. Pkg.

    18. 02-19-2004 12:15 AM #18
      mine is still in the shop for the last 12 days while I was on vacation. Apparently the service manager decided that it needs a new airbag and awaiting part. I'm coming in tomorrow to pick up a loaner.

    19. 02-19-2004 08:51 AM #19
      My dealer replaced the airbag first and then 300 miles later we were back. VW then told them to replace the wire under the driver's seat. Have about another 500 since the replacement wire and everything has been fine.

    20. 02-23-2004 08:59 PM #20
      airbag update: got my T-reg back today after Boardwalk VW installed a new control module that was shipped to them overnight; they were actually very fast; they got it this morning and had the car ready for me this afternoon. it was vwhub that took some time getting back to them about what they should do (from Thursday morning until Friday aftenoon). let's see if that was it, so far so good. completely painless experience overall, service manager was efficient and curteous, and the in-house enterprise rental people who gave me a crappy loaner were nice, too.

    21. 02-23-2004 09:20 PM #21
      replaced the wiring harness with a slightly longer harness. dealer said it was too taut causing the connector to slightly unseat. haven't had the problem repeat since.

    22. 02-23-2004 11:48 PM #22
      Well, I got bit by this little gremlin today, and let me tell you, I am not too thrilled, as this is my first.
      It happened this morning while making a turn and braking - not sure if it is a fluke or related to the turn and likewise a sensor.
      I live in South Florida, called Gunther of Coconut Creek, which is where I tried to, but did not buy the car. So far the experience was good - they scheduled an appointment for the afternoon and set me up with a loaner.
      While there, they are going to do the remote TSB.
      Admittedly, I am a little nervous - crossing the fingers they get it right and don't screw anything up in the process!
      Car has 2350 miles, VIN 36xxx.
      04 T-reg, V8, Campanella White, Anthracite interior, Air suspy, Boosted radio I, Inert gas headlights.

      Modified by BrunDog at 4:52 AM 2-24-2004

      Modified by BrunDog at 4:53 AM 2-24-2004

    23. 02-24-2004 12:04 AM #23
      Quote, originally posted by BrunDog »
      Well, I got bit by this little gremlin today, and let me tell you, I am not too thrilled, as this is my first.

      Par for the course. Welcome to the club. Let's hope they can fix it for you quickly.
      Now that I, too, have been bitten by one of those, I feel safe saying that I knew full well when I purchased this vehicle that this stuff will happen -- and you did, too.
      Just hope we don't get one of the big mechanical problems or one of the many possible Dead Battery gremlins. Those seem to be the worst.

    24. 02-24-2004 02:25 AM #24
      Its been seven days since the airbag fault "yellow warning" landed our t-reg in the shop...By day two our buddies at vw service informed us they have identified our problem and solution. Unfortunately, they tell us our solution is in Germany in the form of a back ordered sensor. Furthermore, once it’s installed the t-reg will need to be sent out to get the driver seat re-upholstered….
      Upon hearing this we tried to get the t-reg back for this part transport period but were told we couldn’t have it. It’s an “active safety” fault so they will not release the vehicle because of liability concerns. After extensive negotiations they agreed to provide $50 a day for a rental car from Enterprise. Of course they are expecting me to pay for it and bill them back for reimbursement In case you are wondering, $50 a day gets you a huge Chevy Tahoe that won’t fit in your garage (After two days we have traded it in for a Nissan Murano).
      So to recap the first seven days… the t-reg is under siege, I have an interesting rental car that I have to pay for, I have un-interesting car payment I have to pay for…there dosen't seem to be an end in sight….

    25. 02-24-2004 08:51 AM #25
      Yeah, you're right, I did know it before purchasing...

      WTF? Seat re-upholstered? Are they mad? I better not hear that crap from my service guys here - there will be some serious wrath if so. Sounds to me like they frigged something up - this should not be part of the service process.

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